cooling system

  1. Slowings

    FOR SALE: Intercooler Hard Lines for 03/04 Cobra

    Hello! Bought these as I didn’t know what I was getting into for my swap before realizing I did not need them! I used eBay sold listings to come up with my price, but feel free to make an offer as I’m negotiable. They do me no good sitting in the corner of my garage. I accept all forms of...
  2. Ryebread

    Stock/Aftermarket Heat Exchanger information

    Hello everyone! I'm new to this forum but was wanting to help out and asking for you guys to help as well. I found some information on heat exchangers and it goes into depth about stock and aftermarket HE's giving dimensions and comparison charts on a few popular stock and aftermarket heat...
  3. MadRacer

    ISO: Engine Coolant Diagram

    It is my understand that the Mark VIII Cobra engine (Same engine used in the 94'-98' Lincoln) had a reverse-flow coolant system. I was trying to figure out if Ford continued this design for the Mach I and 03'-04' Cobra's. If anyone has any information or diagrams about this topic, I would be...
  4. CaliGT500524

    2.6" Upper Pulley and Lower 10% OVerdrive ATI Pulley

    Hi all, I've been contemplating for a while now whether to install an ATI 10% lower overdrive pulley. I am running a 2.6" upper pulley now and wanted to get some insight into the pros and cons of having both pulleys. I understand blower efficiency and added heat creation, but I dont formally...
  5. EditorTurner

    Mishimoto 2013+ Focus ST Radiator

    Keep Your Cool Mishimoto offers a bolt-in, high-efficiency radiator for the Focus ST By Steve Turner Photos courtesy of Mishimoto Right off the dealer lot the Focus ST is one of the most fun cars Ford has ever offered. It offers a balanced package of power and handling that makes it a blast...
  6. bomrrman84

    Stock IC pump VS Jabsco VS Diaphragm pump

    This discussion is slightly different than the one usually addressed. It's been a while since I posted on here, and I would like to address a cooling issue we all struggle with. We all know the stock IC pump sucks and is prone to wear out. I've gone through 3 since owning my car and one with my...
  7. A

    97 Cobra overheating!

    Hey, I'm new to these forums and I'm sorry in advance for asking a new question. So I reinstalled the oil cooler after replacing the oil filter adapter gasket. Filled the cooling system as normal from the crossover tube. Tried to burp it but there are no bubles! The car will overheat while...
  8. 04greengolbin

    where can i buy a Gords Ford inter-cooler?

    where can i buy this from. the website does not help and no one answers the phone goes straight to voice mail.
  9. 04greengolbin

    inter-cooler recommendation????

    need to replace my inter-cooler had a ron davis on there. anyone know if that brand is any good. looking for a top of the line inter-cooler. open to suggestions.
  10. I

    03 cobra over heating, no heat

    just purchased my first ford...03 cobra...I drove the thing 250 miles home no prob, got it heat, heater hoses not getting hot, so per this forum put car on ramps replaced thermostat, refill coolant through plg in intake, ran and bleed, ran and,bleed several times heater began to work...