1. EditorTurner

    2017 NMRA Nationals Schedule

    Race Ready The NMRA announces its event lineup for the 2017 Ford drag racing season By Steve Turner In a matter of weeks this year’s NMRA Ford Nationals season will wrap up with the World Finals in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Champions will be crowed, records will be set and, suddenly, as the...
  2. EditorTurner

    TV Grudge Racers at NMRA Finals

    Star Power Chris ‘BoostedGT’ Hamilton and Mike Murillo will appear at Bowling Green By Steve Turner Photos courtesy of the NMRA With the Ford drag racing season drawing to its conclusion, racers and fans alike anticipate a trip to the Bluegrass State for the race of the year. As if...
  3. EditorTurner

    1965 vs. 2015 Mustang Museum Display

    Half & Half A new museum display celebrates 50 years of Mustang innovation By Steve Turner Photos courtesy of Ford Motor Company It’s hard to imagine, but many of the original Mustang features were not patented until well after the car was in production. These days the modern Mustang is a...
  4. EditorTurner

    News: 2015 50 Years Convertible Raffle

    Limited Tradition Ford raffles off a one-of-one 50th Anniversary convertible to benefit the National Multiple Sclerosis Society By Steve Turner Photo courtesy of Ford Motor Company If you aren’t hot for a 2015 Mustang, you probably haven’t seen one in person yet. You definitely...