offroad h

  1. bigred2013

    WTT: UPR 3" Offroad X Pipe - 4k Miles

    UPR 3" 3-Piece Offroad X Pipe Doesn't leak. I was skeptical of the 3 piece but, haven't had one issue with it! Want to trade for an Offroad H. ( Lethal Performance, MRT, Pypes ) Can add cash if need be but would rather make it an even swap! Located in Dickson, TN. Willing to meet to swap.
  2. bigred2013

    WTT: UPR 3" Offroad X Pipe For Offroad H Pipe

    3" UPR Offroad X - 3 Piece W/ 6k Miles NO Issues I've always used Lethal Offroad Mids and was sketchy about the 3 piece leaking but I've not had one issue with this one! Bolted up perfect just like my Lethal did. Looking for an Offroad H. Would prefer a Lethal Performance, or Pypes. Prefer no...
  3. bigred2013

    WTB: 3" Offroad X For '11-'14 GT

    Magnaflow, Lethal Performance, UPR, On3, JBA, JPC I don't care, long as it's 3", not rusted or beat up and doesn't have broken studs! Lmk a price shipped to 37029! Would also trade my 3" Lethal Offroad H ( 10k Miles, Welded Center For No Leaks ) for it if your interested Located in Dickson, TN.
  4. bigred2013

    WTB: Offroad X '11-'14 GT

    Lethal Performance, UPR, JBA, Pypes, Magnaflow, etc. Not brand particular. Don't want anything with issues. Can trade a Lethal Performance Offroad 3" H W/ 10k Miles For One As Well!
  5. bigred2013

    Lethal Performance 3" Offroad H Pipe

    LP 3" Offroad H Pipe Around 10k Miles of use. No issues. No dings/dents. Sounds amazing, but swapping to Offroad X. Center section is welded to assure no leaks. Willing to trade even for a LP 3" Offroad X, UPR Offroad X, JBA X, Etc. An X Pipe. Asking $200 shipped. Don't have any pictures...
  6. bigred2013

    NEED OPINIONS ASAP! Corsa Axleback W/ Lethal OR H / Lethal OA Pipes

    Does anyone run either Corsa Xtreme or Corsa Sports W/ Offroad Mid & No Resonators? Found a good deal on either and wondering which one I should pick up! I've been told the Sports are loud when you go catless, but also that the Xtreme's are Roush loud! I don't want it to sound bad, but have...
  7. bigred2013

    WTT: Lethal 3" Offroad H Pipe + Cash 4 Longtubes/Offroad X

    Maybe someone going Turbo or trading in. Willing to add cash. Looking for 1-7/8, 1-3/4. Prefer BBK, Pypes, Kooks, Stainless Works I ship mine, you ship yours.