1. R

    WANTED: Tires

    I was wondering if there are any replacements for the center piece or ways to fix it?
  2. T

    SVT GT500 repair in SE WI

    Hello everyone, I recently had a mechanical issue with my 2011 GT500. What sounded initially like exhaust rubbing the frame within minutes became louder and louder while I shut down the car. I have not had a chance to deep dive it yet as I have been working all week. It sounds like a bearing...
  3. J

    03/04 Cobra Third Brake Light

    Like many of you, my 3rd brake light fractured next to the screws in my 2003 cobra. After reading through a how to repair guide on this site, I have repaired it instead of having to buy a new one. Before I re-install it, have any of you either done or heard of how to keep this from happening...
  4. T

    GT350R Wheel Rim Rash Repair?

    Has anyone heard of wheel rim rash being repaired on the GT350R carbon fiber wheels?
  5. HooperWest

    Another order of BS from Automakers and GOV

    Automakers to gearheads: Stop repairing cars
  6. P

    NEED Help looking for a Service/ repair manual for our cars

    i have been looking for an service/repair manual for 03-04 cobras but cant find one! i have seen many threads showing links that do not work any longer and were some ppl have emailed it to others. I am hoping that somone on here could either send me the link or email me a copy! any help would...
  7. Link12579

    Terminator Inspector Near the Tri-State Area

    Hey, I had my car repaired by a local Maryland shop and have been cheated. They repairedmost of the car while breaking other things along the way. Currently am suingthem but by state law am required to have an inspection done on the car bysomeone who can testify in court. Is there anyone who I...
  8. D

    New member w/ new 98 csvt

    Hey Everyone, I've had 2 Taurus S.H.O.'s previously before just buying a CSVT. I always wanted one but at the time they were out of my price range back then. I got one in pretty good shape, no rust, recent trans work done, engine purs no unusual mechanical noise. I've had a few DOHC engines...
  9. 0

    04 Cobra Died While Driving

    Had my car shut off while driving, died as I was just cruising. Showed dashes for the odometer, then went back to normal and started right back up. Did this a couple times, then it died completely and wouldn't start back up. No overheating, all of the gauges were in the normal range. Now...
  10. Yellow_rag

    How to repair leaking oil cooler

    How to repair a leaking oil cooler So, I’m changing my oil the other day and I see coolant dripping from the oil cooler. After I freak out for a while I dig in and here’s what I find out: First the good news – there are 2 gaskets separating coolant from oil, with a weep hole in the no man’s...
  11. 2

    Cal-Van spark plug thread repair kit

    Cal-Van spark plug thread repair kit - SOLD Cal-Van tools 38900 thread repair kit. I used one of the inserts. A real breeze to use. There's a dvd that comes with it. It comes with an air fitting to verify the valves are closed and then you put a guide into the opening and run the drill down...