1. Aaim415

    WTB: 03/04 Cobra Rear Bumper

    I’m located in DFW Texas , seeking out a black 03/04 Cobra Rear Bumper for a decent price . I can be reached at 415-654-7079 if anyone has one . I’m not usually on here to check PM’s . Thank you!
  2. Aaim415

    Any 03/04 Cobra Rear Bumpers for Sale in Texas!

    I’m located in DFW Texas , seeking out a black 03/04 Cobra Rear Bumper for a decent price . I can be reached at 415-654-7079 if anyone has one . I’m not usually on here to check PM’s . Thank you!
  3. C

    2001 Cobra Black Coupe

    I have decided to sell my 2001 Mustang Cobra I am asking 10,000 obo. Currently the Car has 97, 600 miles that will go up as I still drive the car. Maintenance has always been kept up on the car and is in very good condition and has been very well taken care of. I currently do have a loan still...
  4. X

    WTB: GT500 Exterior Parts

    Hello! Currently looking for 2010-2014 Ford Mustang GT500 Exterior Parts listed below. GT500 Front Chin Spoiler GT500 Upper Radiator Cover GT500 Lower Shield? Guess that's whats called, lol. The plastic piece underneath the gt500 bumper. Thanks!
  5. M

    Opinions-Should I sell?!?

    Hey guys, So I have not posted much on this site. Long time lurker though. I have always valued the opinions set out by all of you on here. Onto my dilemma at hand. Should I sell my 03' Cobra? It's a MG Coupe. 11k miles. Mint. Very lightly modded. Here's a quick overview so you can see my...
  6. S

    F/S $16K 04 Cobra 50k Miles

    I am ready to let my cobra go! The car is good condition and I'm pricing it too sell. No low balls or trades please! (Was $17,000 OBO) .Now $16,000. It only has 50k miles. Pretty much stock aside from bolt ons - supercharger pulley, K&N intake, exhaust and brakes (paid over 1,500 on all 4 DBS...
  7. Murderous_Mach

    ISO Higher milage '03 Cobra

    Any condition, higher mileage '03 terminator. I currently own an '03 Mach 1. Willing to drive long distance.
  8. P

    wtb 01-04 Lightning!! Atlanta Area

    I'm in the market for a nicely modded lightning. Would like the following mods: lowered, KB or Whipple and very well maintained!! prefer cats because of emissions!! Contact me if you have a quality truck you're looking to sell. [email protected] Thanks!!
  9. 3

    WTB: 03/04 Cobra around Louisiana

    Hey guys. Looking to buy my first Cobra. Louisiana or surrounding states preferably. Any color is fine with me, just absolutely no verts please. I have cash in hand, and I'm ready to buy! Looking to spend no more than 21k. Mods are a plus. What's out there?!
  10. B

    04 torch red 30k miles

    i have a 2004 cobra for sale , only 30,000 miles! Color is Torch Red only selling in because of moving to Alabama and i want to buy a truck when i get there. Car is in good shape barely ever drive it, car has dyno sheet for around 500 hp and 494tq , i have all papers for the car , just had the...
  11. J

    trying to restore a 2001 cobra.

    looking for some decent looking used cobra seats for my 2001 convertible cobra. thanks guys.
  12. C

    WTB: 03/04 Cobras around Texas or south Oklahoma or Louisiana

    Cash in hand, preferably under 100k miles, stock or modded, anyone, shoot me what you have. motivated buyer!
  13. C

    WTB/ISO: 03-04 Terminator In Texas, Preferably DALLAS Area

    Hello All, I'm a motivated buyer looking for a 03-04, not too heavily modded or stock. Mileage, I prefer under 100k. I have cash in hand ready to buy, text me if you have one. 214 516 8024 I also have a 03 mach 1 if any one is interested in buying.
  14. FlowmasterMufflers

    How long do you plan on owning your current Mustang?

    I have owned a number of vehicles that I was more or less in love with. Each of these cars or trucks hold a special place in my heart, but aren't necessarily still parked in my driveway. How many of you plan on keeping your Mustang forever? How many of you already have plans to trade-in, or sell...
  15. D

    2003 Black Mach 1 $9500 OBO

  16. B

    Parting out 2000 Black Ford Lightning

    Hey guys Im tearing down my ford lightning and selling off the parts that i can for cheap so if you have any request for parts let me know and I will be more than reasonable about price and shipping. Some things i don't have on the truck anymore and some things im keeping like the chassis...
  17. M

    Need black cloth front seats

    Hey peeople, looking for a set of front or just the drivers seat in black cloth. I would jump on the right deal for a whole set of leathers but actually only NEED a drivers seat. let me know!
  18. svtaustin

    WTB 2003/2004 cobra

    I live in dallas texas and want to buy a 2003 or 2004 mustang cobra. Must live close somewhere around 100 miles from dallas. MILEAGE MUST BE under 50k miles and looking to pay $19,000 cash. let me know what you have and thank you for reading. email me [email protected]
  19. P

    looking to buy a Supercharger

    I have a 1996 Cobra, I'm about to do some work to it and i want a supercharger as well. I'm looking for a Procharger P1SC Or a Vortech S trim or whatever will fit on my car. Preferably As a kit but if you just have the head unit or everything besides the head unit please let me know. If i...
  20. 9

    FS 03 Cobra Body Parts

    I'm putting this in the local forum because I really don't want to ship these and I'm sure theres enough people around who are looking for this stuff. I'm looking to sell my stock 03 "body kit". Color is Redfire and everything is in mint shape. Everything is currently on the car but I'm...
  21. csebast

    '03 cobra 10th anniv. Convertible 6-sp

    '03 cobra 10th anniv. Convertible 6-sp #75 SVT V8 REDFIRE 479-747-8889 Located at Russellville,AR (Carolyn) VIN 1FAFP49Y53F385309 EMAIL ME FOR PICS (I'M WORKING ON GETTING THEM HERE, BUT IT'S NOT GOING WELL) [email protected] [/LIST] CLEAR TITLE...
  22. 2

    WTT for a Termi! Built up 1966 chevy chevelle!

    I am looking for a termi to trade for my chevelle. Color isnt really a big deal except not yellow or mystic. I am looking for a coupe somewhere close to the west coast. I am in southern california but will drive for the right car. Here's some info about my car. 1966 Chevy Chevelle -marina...