1. 97CobraDHP

    TRE 60lb EV1 Fuel Injectors - Bosch/Siemens Deka IV Style

    SOLD! This is a set of 8 TREperformance Thin Body Bosch Style 60 lb/hr high resistance, saturated fuel injectors. These have EV1 electrical connections and an upgraded single fuel delivery nozzle for superior fuel atomization. Typical Flow Rate in LB per hour: 60 LBS/HR @ 45 PSI Typical Flow...
  2. Joe Chahine


    ** Update ** Taking best offers. Reviving this for sale thread, taking best offers. Money got a bit tight with this Coronavirus. Half the fam was laid off so gonna also be putting up other things for sale on separate threads. Most of the parts 4 sale are from my Fox-Termi swap project that I...
  3. G

    2.2 Kenne Bell (black housing), pulley, tb, JLT CAI, SCR BA3000

    I am going a different route with the car so putting up my 2.2 kenne bell supercharger set up forsale. previous owner said he put 9500 miles on it before it sat for 3 years because the car was getting built ,but he never finished it. I personally have 200 miles on it and have not had the chance...