1. motorcityterminator

    WANTED: WTB 30 bolt CCW classics/twisted classics

    I know this is a long shot…as the title states I am looking for 18” 30 bolt twisted classic or classics. Will travel to pick up and/or pay for shipping. PFA. Thank you!
  2. RazoSvt

    WANTED: 2001 Cobra Cams.

    In search of 2001 cobra intake cams needed for my engine rebuild. Parts are obsolete from dealers and hoping someone out there can sell me theirs, used or new. Part numbers are YF3Z6250CA & YF3Z6250BA. Please, if someone knows anyone who might have some laying around send them to me.
  3. A

    Wanted 03-04 black coupe.

    In search of a 2003-2004 black terminator coupe. Miles under 75k. My budget is up to 32k. Im in north Georgia. Willing to travel. Thank you.
  4. M

    WANTED: WTB Lower intake bolts/studs for 96 Cobra - need all 12

    Looking for a set of fasteners for lower intake on 96 DOHC.
  5. M

    Wanted: TR6060 or T56 Transmission

    I am looking for a TR6060 or T56 transmission. I would prefer it to be located near South Carolina, but I may be willing to pay for shipping. Thanks!
  6. robvas

    Vortech/Paxton charge pipes

    Anyone have a set for 96-98? Mine are chrome plated or something and flaking

    WANTED: 2013-2014 GT500 / MACH1

    Hello All, Some intro first: New member here. Marine Corps veteran (15 years) in SoCal. Driving a 2014 Jeep SRT (First performance type car) and have had the itch ever since to get into a Mustang Shelby but finances and family and life changes just didn't allow me to pursue my dream. Torn...
  8. TermiRauder

    WANTED: Supercharger Lower Intake

    Hello, I am looking for a cobra supercharger lower manifold. Part # 2R3V-9J447-BB preferably not ported if you have one that is clean and in good condition, please contact me
  9. RandomForumGuy

    WANTED: 3.4 or 4.0 whipple

    looking for a 3.4l or 4.0l whipple supercharger. I am pulling off a 2.9l for a bigger blower.
  10. C

    WANTED: IRS Driver Side Knuckle

    I am in need of a driver side knuckle for my IRS in my 03 Cobra. Any help finding one would be much appreciated, thank you.
  11. C

    WANTED: OEM Cobra Front Bumper

    Looking to buy a OEM front cobra bumper. Not sure if the horns on the aftermarket ones are different and would interfere with the OEM hood I have, hence wanting OEM. Located in central Ohio, can travel a bit for the right one.
  12. X

    WTB: GT500 Exterior Parts

    Hello! Currently looking for 2010-2014 Ford Mustang GT500 Exterior Parts listed below. GT500 Front Chin Spoiler GT500 Upper Radiator Cover GT500 Lower Shield? Guess that's whats called, lol. The plastic piece underneath the gt500 bumper. Thanks!
  13. C

    WTB 03/04 Cobra CASH IN HAND !

    I'm looking for a CLEAN 03/04 Cobra Must have a Clean title, Preferably under 50k miles, & No issues. I am Not interested in convertibles. Stock or Modded it does matter to me I have CASH IN HAND ready to buy ! (Budget 23K) Located in Portland Oregon - Willing to travel if the price is right
  14. B


    Looking for a set of Borla S type axlebacks or catbacks for a 2013 or 2014 v6. Thanks.
  15. C

    Looking to buy Sonic Blue Lightning - Low mileage, mint condition, factory stock.

    Looking to buy a Sonic Blue Ford Lightning in mint condition, the lower the miles the better, and prefer no modifications. I live in Houston, TX but willing to travel for the right truck. Please let me know what you have!
  16. Genie

    2003 Wrecked Mercury Marauder For Sale

    Hello Everyone, I hope I am posting this in the right place this time and following all rules. I have an 03 Marauder born 08-26-2002 #4097 300A model that unfortunately flipped in the air (it did not roll on ground at all) and it landed on its roof. When tow truck flipped it back over it put a...
  17. Mike_

    WTB: 03/04 Coupe For ~$20,000

    Hey guys, I've had an 05 GT for a while now and love the car but I think it's finally time to upgrade to a 4V. My budget is around $20,000 and I'd prefer Ebony over anything else but would also do Comp Orange, Sonic Blue, and Torch Red, and of course Mystichrome. I am located in central...
  18. G

    WTB 99/01 cobra intake tube

    hey guys looking to get a intake tube for an 99/01 cobra not really looking for an aftermarket one because I will be putting a supercharger on it soon and I just need this to hold me over until then. pm me if you got one!
  19. S

    WTB '13 /'14 GT500 Vert

    I would like to buy a 2013 or 2014 GT500 Vert. Must have SVTPP, Recaros and Navigation and no significant modifications. Probably any color and any location. I would like to spend $50k to $57k depending on miles and location (I am in San Francisco).
  20. S

    What year GT500 for open track events?

    I want to buy a GT500 vert for weekend use and a few open track events a year (I am aware of the downsides of tracking any convertible). I don’t want to be the fastest car; I just want a car that is fun to drive fast. What are the advantages/disadvantages of the different model years of GT500’s?
  21. navyma2

    Need shaker hood

    Hello all! New Mach 1 owner here. Just purchased an 04 Oxford White Mach 1 from a guy in Maryland who did an amazing job taking care of the machine. I couldn’t be happier BUT the VA state police decided to rain on my parade by telling me to get rid of my 4” cowl induction hood. I need to...
  22. emmdee

    wanted. shelby cs1 matte black rims

    Hi, dont know if i am posting this in the right place. I am looking for Shelby CS1 Rims and tires in a staggered setup with a matte black finish.
  23. S


    Wanted 03-04 cobra, hopefully modded, really looking for a terminator. 05-07mustang that's Been modded. Anywhere from built motor to supercharged! Have CASH, CAN BUY TODAY!$!$! I can fly anywhere in the United States and pick it up!! Please email me with pics and list of modifications...
  24. wildstangs

    WTB: 99 - 04 Cobra heads Complete

    PLease let me know if anyone has a good set of heads of any 99 - 04 cobra. Your welcome to txt "336-262-0878" for a faster response and I have a paypal account for an easy Transaction! THANKS! :beer:
  25. M

    WTB Eaton pulley

    Hey guys, I'm looking for a pulley for my Eaton, preferably something near a 2.7. I don't care if it's a quick change pulley or not, but if it is I'll need the hub and ring. If anyone has anything please let me know. I'm not sure if I can receive PM's on here yet so my email is...