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01 Bullitt's Throwout bearing making noise, So new clutch time lol

Discussion in 'SN-95 and New Edge Mustangs' started by gonebrokeracing, Dec 11, 2018.

  1. gonebrokeracing

    gonebrokeracing Member Established Member

    Nov 18, 2011
    Hollywood Florida
    I replaced everything about 4 years ago with a Exedy, Stock cobra spec and a Ford OEM throwout bearing.
    It started chirping awhile back, I just put a turn on the firewall adj and it went away.
    But now over the last few weeks, when I turn the engine off with the clutch out I get a quick jingling sound and with the clutch pushed in I get nothing. Also I hear a sandy/scrapy sound when i'm driving close to barriers and walls. I'm almost sure its the Throwout Bearing.

    Now I'm not sure if I should put a clutch in it while there ????
    I'd like to just put a Ford Clutch because it comes with the FMS Throwout bearing.
    But I want to keep a soft pedal and its basically all stock.
    Just 3.73gears and bolts-ons
    Clutch is 11" x 1/16" 10spline 6 bolt crank
  2. 2001Bullitt

    2001Bullitt Active Member Established Member

    Feb 1, 2010
    Lowell, Massachusetts
    I’ve been running the Exedy stage 2 with the Ford Racing t/o bearing for I want to say 4 years now on my 01 Bullitt pushing 509/518. Pedal is like stock with no issues. I would assume you are right with the bearing being toast, unless you fragged a spring in the pressure plate. Curious to see what happens.
  3. BMAC96GT

    BMAC96GT New Member Established Member

    Sep 20, 2008
    It does sound like the throwout bearing. Since you'll have everything apart I would go ahead and pull the clutch and see what it looks like. If it needs to be replaced, Valeo makes a good cheap stock replacement clutch for our cars that works great

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