'08 135i vs '03 Cobra


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Jul 30, 2013
normally i only race mini-vans, hybrids and suv's but the BMW was too tempting for me to pass up.

from a stop light i see a Lexis is300 and nice looking BMW pull onto the road up ahead. light turns green and the chase is on, i wanted to catch them before the last city light. thanks to some easy traffic and an ass-hat in a mini-van i would get my wish.

getting out of town i'm just behind the BMW and by this time he's noticed the Cobra. in a very sporting manner we duck around the last few cars. the Lexus bows out and leaves us to do our thing.

starting from about a full car ahead he offers me a game of chase... i accept! in 3rd at around 55 i let the Eaton loose. quickly his car lead was erased and we were door to door. for a second we just hung there, door to door - huh? dang, i need to shift! grabbing 4th (thank you MGW), i continue my pull. after i put a car or so on him he clearly let out and i followed.

slowing to about 50 we talk for a sec and decide on another run. traffic was starting to close in and we end up going from 50. didn't press my luck and try for 2nd, 3rd gear was good enough.

no honks or anything, i motion for him to take the hit. BMW jumps a fender instantly and that's all he gets. i stopped his pull but didn't roll past him in a blur of Cobra awesomeness... 50 in 3rd hurts. slowly i creep past and by the time i get a fender on him i shift to 4th... ahhhh, there it is! same as the last run, after about a car we both let out.

up ahead we hit a gas station to talk. dude was cool and the car was super bad-ass! we didn't exchange full spec sheets or anything but he said it's an '08 135i (TT) making north of 400whp. the BMW looked awesome and definitely ran hard!!!

just in case the guy ever reads this: i don't believe i ever mentioned what my car put down, 522whp with a ported Eaton.

ported Eaton '03 > 400+hp 135i x2

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Dec 10, 2010
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Nice kill. Looks like you're about due for a blower swap, but she keeps fightin' with what she's got!

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