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2017 Mustang V6 Procharger Odd Dyno Graph

Discussion in '2015+ S550 Mustang Talk' started by ScottMijin, Sep 20, 2019.

  1. ScottMijin

    ScottMijin New Member

    Sep 19, 2019
    Tulsa, Oklahoma
    Hey guys. New member here. I know most of you drive a V8, but maybe you could help me here. As the title says, I drive a 2017 V6 with a Procharger. Other performance mods include a pypes axle back with a custom x-pipe, catch can, 65lb injectors, NGK 6510 spark plugs, and tuned by MPT running 91 octane.

    Couple month back I dynoed my V6, and apparently it produced this weird/odd graph. Around 4300rpm torque dip before climbing up back at 4800rpm and just nose dives at 5700rpm. I know some V6 Procharger owner are making at least 400whp and above. Boost was monitored during the dyno run, and it was making linear boost, max at 10psi. Definitely could produce more past 5700rpm and not capped at 336whp.

    I did ask several master mechanics around, and they suggested it could either be a clutch slip, belt slip, or a boost leak. Definitely not a tuning issue because MPT is a reputable company known for tuning V6 and ecoboost Mustang and trucks. The idler does rattle even when maxed out. I could post a video if needed.

    I am planning to drop my V6 to my local Mustang mechanic, but I thought of posting this maybe you experienced guys could share your thoughts and feedbacks.

    Thanks a bunch!!!!!

    Dyno Graph.JPG Side view.jpg Engine bay.jpg
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