96 Cobra Speedometer not working properly


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May 6, 2011
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My speedo seems to be acting up lately, and the last few days have been the worse its been.
Sometimes it comes up to speed slowely and when I am traveling around 50mph its sometimes show about 25mph if that much.
Once i get up to 55 or 60 it jumps right up to that and works. but i pulled on the interstate the other day and i gps'd my cars mph, i was doing 70, but it was showing 85 and even 90. So it seems to show to slow when i first get going, starts working ok at about 55 (sometimes) and show doing too fast and intersate speeds. Sometimes i can smack the dash it it will jump up to where it should be so im sure its in the dash cause it will change. but today it didnt seem to help as much to smack it like i had been doing it for a while. What could it be and what do i need to fix it? Thanks for any advise.

Also,trip work properly still, i watched it while driving and it works fine.

Odometer works fine too, checked it this morning. Just the speedometer isn't working properly.
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Jan 31, 2003
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Sounds like an intermittent fault with the vehicle speed sensor. Also worth checking the condition of the gear in the tailshaft of the transmission.


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Aug 23, 2016
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I actually had the same issue - it would get stuck at a certain speed (for me it was around 30 & 70) & then jump to the "correct" speed. The jumping would occur both going up and going down. Turned out that when I took apart my cluster to replace the odometer gear, i pushed the needle too far down onto the pin so it was not moving freely and would catch on the overlay. Took the cover off and pulled the pin up very slightly and it was fine ever since.

And I said "correct" speed because no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't get the pin placed to show less than a consistent 5 mph too fast :p Finally replaced the entire cluster (for other reasons) and after replacing the gear in that one, my speed is now spot-on and my tach is 400 to high

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