AFE Scorcher BLUE for 2.3L Ford Bronco - NOW AVAILABLE


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Jul 6, 2021
South Florida
Hey All!

AFE just dropped their newest rendition of the Scorcher module, the Scorcher BLUE, giving it full bluetooth capability and so much more…

Prior to the BLUE, the Scorcher GT was a plug and play device developed for the 2.3L Bronco and Ranger, designed with various maps to improve your Bronco’s performance as you please, although, it lacked in having Bluetooth Access, leaving owners wanting more.

Scorcher BLUE (AFE-77-83046)

  • Dyno tested and produced significant power increases of +33 HP / +43 lbs. x ft. torque in race mode at 4,000 RPM on the Ford Bronco application​
  • Next generation of plug & play Bluetooth power module​
  • Increase turbo boost to improve vehicle performance, efficiency and throttle response​
  • In-Cabin On-the-Fly Power Adjustments via LED light switch or Smartphone App​
  • Bluetooth Connectivity to your iOS or Android Smartphone to Adjust Power Modes, Custom Tune Power Modes, or Upgrade the Device to the Latest Version​
  • Four Power Position Settings: Stock (Green), Sport (Yellow), Sport+ (Orange) and Race (Red)​
  • Does Not Modify the ECU and Leaves No Trace (No Footprint)​


The Scorcher BLUE App not only allows you to remotely change the trucks MAP, it also displays turbo boost, allows you to customize each power mode, upgrade to the latest revision of the actual device itself, and even measure 0 to 60 and ¼ mile times.

And the best part? No mandatory octane. While, of course, higher octane fuels will see better results, AFE doesn’t make this mandatory with their device or tunes.

Check out it here below!

aFe SCORCHER BLUE Bluetooth Power Module (2021-2022 Ford Bronco / 2019-2022 Ranger L4-2.3L(t)) - 77-83046

Also, check out the Scorcher GT if the Bluetooth Features don’t interest you :

aFe Scorcher GT Power Module (2021-2022 Bronco / 2019-2022 Ranger L4 2.3L (t)) - 77-43046 (AFE-77-43046)

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to any one of us here at Lethal Performance at 561-753-8105 or by email at [email protected] .​

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