Any interest in Eaton swapped 01 cobra?


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Oct 9, 2003
South Shore, MA
Car black on black. real Ford chrome 03 cobra wheels in the front and 17x10.5 in the rear w/ longer wheel studs. Stock eaton and stock pulleys on stock motor. JLT RAI, SCT BA2600 MAF, 60# injectors, dual GT pumps w/ dual FPDM wiring. Fore hat in an 03 cobra tank. T56 w/ 26 spline input shaft, steel bellhousing, 03 cobra aluminum driveshaft and pro 5.0 shifter. Ram HD clutch. Maximum Motorsports Bilstein coilovers, K members and front control arms. Some autometer gauges white face. I have some pics if interested. 3.55 gears and magnaflow hi flow X pipe and catback. MM FLSFC, STB and Hans Racecraft rear shock tower brace which is welded in. I have the iPod cable wired into the radio so you can control your iPod through through the radio.

I did have to install a 00 cobra R hood from HO Fibertrends to clear the 03 cobra MM STB which I needed to clear the eaton. I have the stock hood and the cobra R hood is functional.

I never have a chance to drive it anymore and it just sits under a cover in my garage.

I'd like to get mid teens for it. I have the title and it's clean. The car passes MA inspection no problems and is emissions and street legal. I've never been to the track so I don't know what it runs.

If interested please PM me.


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Dec 2, 2010
Huntsville, AL
Guy told me 26,600 miles. It is very nice I have to admit, probably as nice as you could ever find. Has 03-04 seats with dark style inserts.

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