axle breather mod

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Jan 27, 2012
moline, il
with the rear axle vent leaking fluid i decided to make a breather to let fluid expand but not leak and here is what i came up with this was a few months ago so forgive the vague details on parts

autozone valve breather filter (pretty much the one honda people use i think is a spectre)

barbed fitting (think mine was 3/8 but not sure)

adapter for fitting to axle (i had to do this but im sure some where there is a fitting with the proper sized barb

i used a platic vacum line connector to link the filter to the line but a metal barb would work as well

ok so now you have the very vague details on parts here is what mine looks like i did notice the line had touched the exhaust but it didnt have any holes so im just going to keep an eye on it

here you see the barb and adapter running out of the axle

here is the line routed i used a zip tie to help route the line and its connected to the uca

here is the filter zipped onto i think one of the fuel lines

hope this helps it cost under $25 and keeps fluid off the axle if you do this make sure you watch where the hose is run and make sure you have enough for suspension movment :beer:
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