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Blowfish Racing Shifter Bracket

Discussion in 'How-To' started by black99lightnin, Feb 13, 2017.

  1. black99lightnin

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    Sep 7, 2004
    First you'll need to jack your vehicle up and place floor jacks to support, or if you're lucky and have access to a lift that is ideal. Unpack all the parts and lay them out. Immediately throw the instructions in the trash as they're completely useless. Not enough pictures of what they're putting together, and lacks any information on what bolts/nuts are which and how many you should have. I found a video online from CJpony parts.


    I have an MGW2 so I'll give you my build process. Remove the shifter support from body and slide off the back of the shifter. The instructions instruct you to build the new support attach it to the shifter then slide the upper ds loop and install. F that. You can build the shifter support and the upper loop at the same time as it slides around the DS without any issues. What the instructions completely lack is the placement of the upper mount and the adapter. I had to move it to the most forward positions as at first it wouldn't even make contact with the MGW.




    Remove the transmission crossmember and remove the transmission mount. The mount will not be reused. Build the BFR mount/bushings and attach to the bracket, then attach that to the trans crossmember. Place it back on the vehicle.


    Attach supplied nuts to upper DS loop and you're done....sort of.



    After driving, it was obvious that the bracket was holding the shifter too low. I removed the bolts and pushed the upper loop so that the bottom bolt holes are now lining up with the upper bolt holes on the bracket. I've lost some strength I'm sure but now the shifter is where it should be

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