BORLA® Exhaust for the Ford Focus RS

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Authorized Vendor
Authorized Vendor
May 6, 2016
Borla Performance Industries (Oxnard, CA)
BORLA® Exhaust for the Ford Focus RS = COMING SOON!!!

The BORLA® R&D Team has been working hard to bring you the best exhaust systems for the Ford Focus RS... We are still making changes and doing more testing, but we wanted to show you all some photos from our recent photoshoot! Sound clips and more to come! Stay Tuned!!!

2016 Ford Focus RS - 7-15-2016_2838-sized.jpg2016 Ford Focus RS - 7-15-2016_2825-sized.jpg2016 Ford Focus RS - 7-15-2016_2820-sized.jpg2016 Ford Focus RS - 7-15-2016_2816-sized.jpg2017 Ford Focus RS - 7-13-2016_2668.jpg

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[Each BORLA® Exhaust System is built from premium 300-series austenitic stainless steel to give you the absolute best in performance and durability. We strive to provide you with the best quality products and stand behind our systems with a Million-Mile Warranty. Find out more at and feel free to contact us with any questions... Phone: 1-877-462-6752 or Email: [email protected].]

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