Clutch Job


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Aug 2, 2022
Hi Everyone!

My throw-out bearing I believe has exploded on me a few days ago. I have ordered a new clutch (includes throw-out bearing, pilot bearing, and new pressure plate). I also went ahead and ordered a new flywheel as well as ARP bolts. I also ordered a new clutch cable. Is there anyone in the suburbs of Chicago that has a shop and a lift that would be willing to give me a hand installing the clutch. I am getting quotes of shops charging $700-$1000 just in labor. A clutch job is not that difficult, not sure why it is so much. Have seen several GT's of this generation (very similar clutch setup) be done for less than $500.

If anyone wants to give me a hand that would be so appreciated. My cell # is 630.923.4554. If you want to shoot me a text with availability and price, that would be just so clutch. :p

Thank you!
- Mike


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Dec 13, 2012
Southern Nevada
Yes, funny since with the Cobra has the tranny and the bellhousing separate unlike the GT. I wish we were closer and could help each other out. I am in the process of taking out my tranny for the second time since January. Something went wrong so I have to figure out what that is. I am using Race Ramps so doing it on my back. I am a senior citizen so if I can do it anyone can. The second time is much easier. Good luck. I hope you can find a helper.

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