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Smart Shifts
Support your Coyote engine swap with an auto trans and controller
By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of Performance Automatic

When it comes to engine swap support, Ford Performance does a stellar job supporting modern engines in other vehicles thanks to its crate motor program and Control Pack PCM/wiring harness kits. Buy both and you are well on your way to putting a Coyote or even an EcoBoost 2.0- or 3.5-liter engine in just about any vehicle.

With regard to comes to vehicle-specific swap hardware the aftermarket answered the bell with many of the necessary parts, especially for putting these engines into earlier Mustangs. However, the Control Packs are designed to have the engines backed by a manual transmission. If you want an automatic trans, it’s up to you to make that work.

Thankfully the clever crew at Performance Automatic has devised a way to install an automatic transmission behind either a Coyote 5.0 or an EcoBoost 3.5 using one of its prepped transmissions and standalone transmission controllers. The latest kit is designed to pair a 2011-2014 6R80 six-speed auto behind a Coyote 5.0 using either of the Ford Performance Control Packs (PN M-6017-A504V or PN M-6017-A504VA).

For more on the PA 6R80 controller, check out this video…


“Performance Automatic has incorporated advanced technology and made it less complicated for the enthusiast by adding our Quik Connect Program to this state-of-the-art 6600 transmission controller. The 6600 standalone controller comes preprogrammed and features full paddle shift capabilities,” says the company. “This 6600 standalone transmission controller allows the enthusiast to install the most up to date and modern drivetrains into their Street Rods, Muscle Cars and Pro Touring Machines.”

You can buy the complete kit (PN PASS68103) with a transmission or just the controller (PN PA99142) to install a 6R80 that you already have. The full kit includes a six-speed Street Smart transmission, an 11.5-inch factory-spec torque converter, a flex plate, a block plate, an inspection cover, a standalone transmission controller, a wiring harness and all the required hardware. The controller is preprogrammed and ready to go, and it includes full paddle-shifting capabilities just like a 6R80 in a modern Mustang.

If a four-speed auto will work for your project, Performance Automatic also offers Street Smart packages that will put a 4R70W behind a Coyote or a 3.5-liter EcoBoost.


Performance Automatic is offering a new Ford 6R80 Six-Speed Coyote Street Smart Package (PN PASS68103) to run a modern automatic transmission behind a Coyote engine.


With its standalone transmission controller as the centerpiece, Performance Automatic offers transmission swap packages to run an automatic behind a Ford Big-Block, Coyote, EcoBoost, FE, Modular or Small-Block engine.


The company also offers a Street Smart package to run a 4R70W four-speed automatic behind an EcoBoost, Coyote and many other Ford engines.

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