Flowmaster Outlaws


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Jun 22, 2017
these will not fit your car, they are a different part number from flowmaster they look the same but part numbers are different
11-12 part number is 817516
13-14 part number is 817592

if you decide to go this route they are loud and aggressive and they are meant for racing. we do have a loudness law in canada and it's by officers choice whether or not to ticket you, muffler shop told me if i drive to certain areas i could be sighted with a Motor Vehicle inspection so i had them removed and stock exhaust put back on...i am tempted to put them back on though just take them to a different shop to install them
I don’t have a 2012 mustang anymore if you were thinking that. I have a 2014 now but if they are still available I’d like to make a deal

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