Fore Precision Works Triple Pump Cobra Hats: In stock only at Lethal Performance


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Authorized Vendor
Jul 4, 2002

Lethal Performance and Fore Precision Works are proud to introduce the newest and baddest fuel upgrade ever to hit the 03-04 Cobra market. Testing of a Triple Pump hat on our GT500 with the Triple Pump Hat, Zone 5 Performance MDM, Upgraded Lines, Filter and stock rails yielded us a peak duty cycle of 72.5%. This was under full load on the street making 726rwhp.

The all new Fore Precision Works Triple Pump Hat can be run in a single, dual or triple pump configuration so you have room plenty of room to grow.

$420.00 + $69.00 for the Triple Pump Upgrade Option

Triple Pump Hat Features:

-(3) -6an Outlets for Maximum Flow -Accommodates Dual or Triple Ford GT fuel pumps as well as wiring for Single, Dual and Triple input from the Zone 5 Performance MDM Module.
-Direct replacement and bolts right in using an OEM gasket for a perfect seal as well as using the OEM fuel sending unit in the same stock location.
-Eliminates the PPRV and offers a direct in-tank hose routing to both fuel pumps for optimum fuel delivery.
-Three pairs of gas blocked 12 gauge conductors using 12ga Mil Spec fuel resistant wires for fuel pump wiring to the Zone 5 Performance MDM . This allows your Ford GT pumps to operate without losses from undersized OEM wires and will help in dropping duty cycle. Wiring for the ground and fuel level sender also included.
-No welding or caulk used in assembly or manufacturing. Full billet components use o-rings, OEM seals, and gas blocked through conductors.
-All assemblies are pressure tested prior to shipping.

The top hat includes:

# CNC Machined Top Hat Assembly
# All Gas Blocked wiring for the Pumps, Ground and Level Sender including the proper spade connectors to connect the wires to each fuel pump
# Pre-cut and installed Gates 30R10 Submersible Fuel Hose for each pump
# All XRP an Fittings
# New Bolts for mounting the assembly to the fuel tank

Note: The Top hat assembly when purchased alone does not include: Fuel Pumps, OEM Fuel Level Sender or OEM Gasket. These are items which can be reused from your stock hat assembly or purchased seperately.

In order to run the Triple Pump setup the triple pump option must be purchased. The triple pump upgrade option includes CNC machined 3-1 y-block, third pump retaining o-rings, in tank fuel line, hose clamps, third AN-6 fitting, and third fuel pump prefilter.

The Fore Precision Works top hat can be purchased by itself or as a fully assembled fuel system along with pumps, lines, rails, and the Zone 5 Performance MDM Module.

If you'd like to Order a Triple Pump Hat or MDM please give us a call and we'll be more than happy to assist you.
Thanks, Jared


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