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Fs/Ft: Apple iPhone 3gs 16gb white

Discussion in 'Other Items Buy/Sell' started by 11Past9, Mar 14, 2010.

  1. 11Past9

    11Past9 New Member Established Member

    Apr 20, 2009
    Up for sale is my Apple iPhone 3Gs 16gb in white. It has been cased since
    I got it in January and now it's time for me to cut back a bit. I love this thing to death but I could use the money more and I've got an upgrade coming up in the summer so here's the deal...

    Price: best offer. It depends on if you're offering a phone too or just cash. Just cash price will start with a $4xx.xx or it will stay mine. If you don't like it I'll just keep it don't post your negative crap on my thread about
    pricing. You're willing to pay or you can't play*

    Contact: email me at [email protected] or text me 207-939-7428. Try not to pm if you really want it that bad youlle email or text.

    Pictures: none right now, there's nothing really to see it's a barely used amazing condition white iPhone and I'm posting this listing in an airport on it right now and it can't take pictures of itself.

    Condition: practically new, no cracks, dents, it's
    never been dropped or any of that bs. It has a couple microscopic scratches on the silver apple on the back from setting it down so I could clean the case, if you are going to use that as a point to get me to drop the price don't bother bringing it up the phones in amazing shape and has no issues what so ever*

    What you get:
    $30.00 case from AT&T*
    all cables, chargers and crap minus headphones I have no clue where the hell they went.

    What I get:
    Option A: Cash cash and more cash, these fetch $500-600 all day long on eBay and I'd sell it there if I didn't feel like dicking with listing and waiting and bla bla bla

    Option B: Your phone plus cash, it must be a fairly nice phone and in good shape. I'd rather have just cash so if you're taking a figure and subtracting what the top dollar of your phone is you probably won't get far with it.*

    I am also interested in iPods or car stereo stuff. I'm going to need a replacement iPod even if it's a shuffle for getting my Ranger on and I may need some stereo stuff for my jeep so I can bump knuck if you buck and do drive by's

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