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Help Me Find a CLEAN Notch Roller!

Discussion in 'Fox-Body Mustangs' started by musclecarresort, May 27, 2019.

  1. musclecarresort

    musclecarresort Well-Known Member Established Member

    Jan 19, 2019
    As I move forward from my TT Terminator the time has come to build a top end notch. I’m looking for a nice roller as the foundation. I know they’re out there. My budget is $10k but I prefer to stay around $6k since I inevitably know I’ll likely be having the car painted show quality. If your roller already has that going for it that’s a bonus. Since I’ll be doing a complete resto my deal breakers are not over the top.
    -much prefer no red interior
    -4 cyl are ok but I will not offer original 5.0 money for it
    -NO rust or rot
    -clean glass and moldings
    -will entertain 4 eye cars but they will be second in line to aeros
    -no race inspired cages. I intend to build a daily drivable street car
    -willing to buy site unseen but be prepared to share lots of pics
    -I will buy complete cars but since I have no need for a drivetrain I won’t pay “mod premiums” for flashy parts I won’t use

    I’m hoping to have this build complete by mid August so sooner we find one the better. Thanks fellas!
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  2. Wilson & Co

    Wilson & Co SnakeJockeyExtraordinaire Established Member

    Jul 18, 2003
    Morristown area, NJ

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