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How to install a power rear sliding window

Discussion in 'How-To' started by qurtrn10, Apr 15, 2010.

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  1. qurtrn10

    qurtrn10 Member Established Member

    Jan 19, 2006
    Things to buy:
    Ford p/n F75Z-15422B30-AA (sliding window kit)
    F8RZ-14529-KA (power window switch)
    2L3Z-15044D70* (dash panel for power window and pedals)
    * if you are not installing power adjustable pedals, your part
    number will be different.

    The begining is like any regular rear window swap:
    Remove seats (made it much easier for me),
    Take out interior panels behind seats, sill plates, rear clothes hooks,
    and passenger kickpanel,
    Remove the twelve 9mm bolts holding in the rear window, use a
    scraper to help separate the sticky butyl tape seal between the
    window and the body of the truck, and pull window,
    Remove the remaining butyl tape seal still attached to the body.

    Install your new window in reverse order (do not put the interior panels just

    Remove your stock dash panel surround, and replace with your new Harley
    dash surround.

    Locate the orange plug inside the dash behind the stock headlight switch.
    Connect this to your new power window switch, and install in the factory dash
    surround hole.

    Among the six wires that come out of the orange plug, two of the are purple - one with a blue stripe, one with a green stripe. These lines terminate in a plug inside the passenger side kick panel.
    The purple with a green stripe gets connected to the yellow wire leading to the window moror. The purple with a blue stripe gets connected to the red wire leading to the window motor. You can simply splice them, or go the more factory appearing route and get the spades from a Ford dealership in order to utilize the other side of the factory plug. In the power window kit, included is a blue wire for power and a black ground. These are not needed when using the factory switch, so feel free to toss them.

    Hose down the truck, testing for leaks, hide your wires, put back in the interior panels, and you're done!

    If you don't like the motor shown (even though it won't be seen behind the seats, buy a storage bin, and clearance the inside to fit around the motor.

    Feel free to PM me with any questions!
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