How To: Sea Foam Treatment additive

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Aug 12, 2004
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Sea Foam can be added to the gas tank, crankcase, and through the brake booster vacuum line.

When you add it to your gas tank and crankcase, follow the directions on the can.

Here’s the process I used when I ran the Sea Foam through my brake booster vacuum line:

I ran the Sea Foam through my BBVL (brake booster vacuum line) twice.

After you disconnect the BBVL from the master cylinder, control the vacuum intake of air with your thumb to keep your engine from dying.

For me, I cut off the bottom of an Aquafina water bottle and used it as a cup. It was easier for me to handle, it allowed me to have direct control over how much fluid was being sucked up by the vacuum line, and it was easier to measure out 1/3 of the can.

After removing the BBVL hose, put the opening of the vacuum line near the surface of the liquid and the vacuum will suck up the Sea Foam. Per the directions, you should use 1/3 of the can of Sea Foam.

Add the Sea Foam carefully because I've read there is a danger of hydrolocking the engine if you just stick the vacuum line into the Sea Foam liquid.

I waited 5 minutes before starting my engine, like the directions said to do. It’s my understanding you wait so the Sea Foam can break down the carbon deposits in the engine.

After I restarted my truck and did a couple WOT blasts down the road, I checked my oil separator and mixed in the oil/Sea Foam treatment, I found tiny granules of black things. Lacking any other information, or evidence to the contrary, I concluded they were once part of the carbon deposits in my engine.

The next day, I did a second application of Sea Foam.

For this second time around, I waited 30 minutes before starting my engine. And oh, when you start your engine and blast it WOT, there's a glorious smoke bank left behind your truck! The smoke is not produced at Idle, it only comes out under hard acceleration.

My baby has over 100K on the odometer, so for my peace of mind, I changed the oil after the second application of Sea Foam. That's also when I added Sea Foam to the crankcase. I just put the Sea Foam in with the fresh oil. It's supposed to be like an additive, so you leave it in until the next oil change.

One last thing. For anyone running the Sea Foam through the brake booster vacuum line, if you have an oil separator, after your WOT blasts to "clear out the pipes", check, check, and recheck your oil separator several times.

This is very important!

The first time I ran it through the engine using my brake booster line, my oil separator filled up to halfway, after my WOT blast. It looked like a thick mix of the Sea Foam liquid and oil.

The second time I ran it through my engine, there was less oil mixed in with the Sea Foam, but this time it completely filled my oil separator! All the way to the top!

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