Install/Review | Livernois Exhaust & Flex-Fuel Tune | 2021+ Coyote F-150


Mar 27, 2003
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Install/Review | Livernois Exhaust & Flex-Fuel Tune | 2021+ Coyote F-150


The more things change, the more they stay the same. At its most basic an internal combustion engine is essentially an air pump, and reducing restrictions in that pump tends to increase efficiency. In our case, we’re looking for more horsepower from a 2021 5.0L Coyote Powered F-150 and we’re installing some tried and true mods to get there.


Not burying the lead here - check out the results. | Stock vs E85 Tune, vs E85 Tune w/ Cat-Back.

The subject vehicle of this install belongs to Andy at Livernois Motorsports, and is currently his daily driver. Being a regular-cab short-bed 4x4 makes it a pretty hot commodity these days. I know more than a handful of former S550 owners who have traded in there steeds for such a truck, typically with some boost added in for good measure. That has become a bit more difficult with the encryption of the ECU on the 2021+ F-150s, but Livernois has that covered. When it comes to locked-ECU tuning, Livernois has the keys to the castle.


I'd say there's a noticeable difference between the stock piece and the Livernois system.

Andy’s truck has well over 100 dyno pulls under its belt as a development platform for Livernois 21+ F-150 tuning, and it was loaded with the latest revision of their Flex-Fuel tuning and a full tank of E85. However; when we stopped by the shop while in town for the SEMA Garage Grand Opening and the Woodward Dream Cruise, it was going under the knife to get one of the very first Livernois Cat-Back Exhaust systems for the latest generation Coyote F-150s installed.


There's not a lot of other fully-polished cat-back kits for an F-150 on the market. Want to guess which one weighs less?


This is a clean look.


Straight-through muffler, as it should be. There's a reason this kit picks up power over the stock unit.

This kit is a beautifully welded stainless steel piece that comes out of the box fully polished. It features a straight through muffler design, 3-Inch piping, and a slash-cut 4-Inch double-walled tip. There’s also an option to delete the factory resonator for those who like their exhaust tone a little more on the rowdy side, but Andy’s truck didn’t get that treatment. Check out this vid to hear the difference for yourself:

With the Livernois tune and exhaust loaded up, Andy and I went for a Woodward inspired cruise to experience the results of the work. Though I was in the passenger seat, I’ve driven enough new F-150s to give an honest assessment of the Livernois improvements. First, the tuning is on point. Those of you who have been around for a while know how I never miss an opportunity to point out how annoyingly soft the factory 10R80 and throttle tuning is from Ford. In some vehicles it’s almost obtrusive.


Partially through the install, but the fully-polished kit is taking shape.

Livernois takes care of all of that. Gone are the annoying skip shifts, shifts that take an eternity, and nonexistent throttle response. In its place is now a truck that shifts eerily similar to a pulley’d Gen 2 Lightning with a Factory Tech valve body (and over double the gears). On a truck with only a tune that can take advantage of E85 and a cat-back exhaust we were breaking all four tires loose on a 4x4 1-2 shift. It uses that ethanol octane to the fullest extent, while still being capable of carrying out comfortable daily driver duties.


The bends, welds, and hardware of the Livernois exhaust is on point.

The Livernois exhaust compliments the purpose of the truck well. It gives just the right increase in volume without being invasive. When being heavy on the throttle it makes itself known, but otherwise remains pleasantly in the background. The quality of construction is sound and the tone is adult-like. Proper for a DD all around, but I’m really interested in hearing what it sounds like with the factory resonator removed from the equation.


The classics never go out of style. The slash-cut SS tip is always a good option.

Ultimately, if you have a 2021+ F-150 and you’re riding around with the boat anchor that is factory tuning, you need to give Livernois Motorsports a call. No one should have to suffer through such mediocrity when an obvious solution exists. And if you like your exhaust like you should like your women (ie, mature enough to keep you out of jail with just the right amount of wild) then you should check out the latest offerings from Livernois. I think you may like what you find.


I'm starting to think the Livernois crew has 'a thing' for white vehicles.

We’ll be headed back to the Detroit area in the next few weeks, and we’re planning on dropping in on the crew over at Livernois motorsports again. If you’d like to see/hear what it’s like to drop the resonator off of Andy’s F-150 let me know. I’ll see if we can make it happen.

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