IRS vs SRA for the corner carver/street me pick

Swap the SRA out for an IRS??? remember, just a fun street car

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Dec 22, 2010
Cincy, OH
I am going to chime in since I believe I am qualified to speak based on my ownership (2000 GT, 1999 Cobra, 2004 Cobra first with the IRS, now with SRA).

I HATED the traction on both my 99 Cobra and 00 GT in their stock forms. It just wasn't there. So before I got rid of the GT I added lowering springs (helped) and was going to add LCAs and some big meat out back. Then I got the 99 Cobra. I was told I needed half shafts, tires, $700 in bushings, and a brace not only for traction, but also to make sure I didn't break any of the weak components. What a crock. I sold the Cobra before I procharged it and took a break from Stangs.

I got my 2004 in February of this year stock. The IRS was just as crappy as I remember the 1999 being (which I had in 2004). So I look online and imagine that, no cheaper prices/better solutions, just the need for the same $2500 worth of stuff.

A friend with a Mach 1 wanted the IRS to carve corners, so I gladly obliged. I could not be happier. I have NO mods on this SRA (yet) but already I know it is going to be great. I ordered a 3 link kit from MM and over the winter will be adding the FLSFCs and LCAs, then installing the Torque Arm/Panhard bar. And now I can get wheels that will easily let me run a 335. How do you think my traction will be in a straight line?

My general comment is if you wanted ride quality, buy a Lexus, although I have noticed little to no difference between the IRS and SRA. Maybe because I don't flog my car in corners where there are rough patches and potholes, I don't know. But when I go to launch my car and have no fear of breaking a half shaft at stock HP levels, it feels great. And when I have 600-700 rwhp after a twin screw I will feel better about having my prepped SRA with bigger meat than the compromise of an IRS the 99-04 Cobras got.

I have yet to actually drive a Cobra or any mustang with a IRS. Mine is a DD that I want to make a little more nimble in general. I have no "goal" for the car ie. drag car or track car. I'm doing mods that actually work. I put on rear LCA's with a spherical end, I have 4.10's awaiting install. Aluminum DS will be next followed by FLSFC's then prob stop.

I'm glad I didn't go IRS with all the money it would take to beef it up. I'm stock power wise too. I have asked people from amature auto-x guys all the way to championship holding roadracers...and they all say to stick with SRA.

"All the fastest cars in the American Iron are a SRA car."-Paul from Paul's Automotive here in Cincinnati.

From what I have read/heard, that by the time you mod the hell out of the IRS to be a GOOD rear, you have taken the IRS out of the IRS...stiffer springs etc.

I've been wanting to drive a car with PHB/TA and see how comfort is. No I don't want a Lexus but I do want a agile "muscle car". If I can do all those mods and it rides relatively like stock...I'm happy. I also realize that you have to give a little to get a little. Give up some quietness and gain some NVH.


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Aug 21, 2005
SRA make great boat anchors, the way the flanges for the ends are made, they hook the bottom real well and prevent drift.
The IRS is the only way to go for corner carving, true the SRA can be made better but never as good as the IRS. If you want to go drag racing then definitely go with the SRA. I have a 99 edge, 93 FOX and a 99 cobra all have the IRS in them, all get autocrossed or HPDE driven.


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Jul 15, 2007
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IRS being better than an SRA? No doubt that it's a smoother ride. But better for performance upgrade as a necessity? Nope. Since I hillclimb the car and that is the most extreme driving on the street you can do, I have yet to find a reason to move from SRA to IRS. I just don't feel that the corner carving ability of the IRS will out do the SRA. Stock for stock, yes. Built, no.


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Jan 4, 2013
Covington WA,
yo guys... sorry i missed all the replies to this thread lol

im still on the fence... i think im gonna just pull the trigger and do it... im sure the IRS will be much better for the street driving the car does (100% practically lol) and the roads around here suck.

plus, the cost to fully build the SRA vs fully build the IRS is definatlrey in the IRSs favor... IRS will be significantly cheaper to build

my SRA just got some new MM control arms.. We dented the piss out of my tailpipes to try to get them to stop banging into the axle... and something in the rear suspension is squeaking... everytime i fix something, something else starts making noise back there...

SOME ONE PLEASE.... just answer one question for me... with all delrin bushings and bumpsteer set and a good alignment... is there anything the car wont be able to do anymore... specifically speaking towards playing around... its not really a deciding factor but something im thinking about... will i still be able to add a little throttle and let the car oversteer through a turn if i want without mid turn wheel hop(while spinning) and can you dump 2nd and spin the tires a little from a stop?

thats all i have left to figure out lol...

Heres what ive ultimatley come up with:
1. The roads here sucks... really suck... the IRS will definatley be better for the choppy turns and will significantly benefit ride comfort
2. This is a street car... I dont drag race
3. The IRS will handle better than i can drive
4. The IRS will be cheaper than the SRA to build, and potentially be better for me.
5. It looks F***in sexy

I IRS swapped my GT and about to do the same in my Mach 1. You will thank your self. My Gt has a better 6o on street tires then the Mach 1 on drag radials. That being said the Gt is not stock and the Mach is

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May 3, 2012
So from reading this I'm still lost a little, since most of your are writing opinions vs facts, after 2 pages of reading i skipped to end to comment so excuse me if I miss some good hard facts. My plan is to twin turbo my cobra, so I would NEED SRA over IRS correct?? That's what I am getting from this, I'm looking to make 900-1000 with this car all said in done. Can I build the IRS already on it, or should I start looking to SRA swap.


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