J & M Lower Control Arms


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Jan 7, 2007
Has anybody heard of these, or is anyone actually using these? I'm changing the lower control arms on my car, all in the name of less bind. My Steeda lowers had 2/3 piece poly bushings on the chassis side and axle side. I'm not sure if they were technically 2 or 3 piece, but both sides were red and they could be popped out, then it looked like a small blue bushing in the middle and there was a metal collar that went thru all of the bushings.

My upper control arms are the Steeda ones that are the stock style U-shape welded shut with stiffer rubber bushings on the chassis side. I used to have urethane bushings on the axle side, but then I swapped rear ends and used the old crappy rubber bushings that were on the other axle. It felt WAY better around turns and over bumps. I will be installing new axle side rubber bushings at the same time I put the lower control arms in. I realize stock uppers are said to be best, but I feel as though my lowers are hurting me more at this point. Plus I'd rather have a little more side to side axle control if I can get away with it. We'll see how it goes I guess.

I came to my conclusion about which control arms to replace first after reading the 7th post in this thread: Rear end sways back and forth at WOT - Ford Mustang Forums : Corral.net Mustang Forum
After reading that I figured I used to be around the setup #6, but after new lower control arms will be around setup #1. Perhaps I am off due to my different upper control arms.

So, here is a link to J&M's website. It contains a bit of technical information on the page. 1979-2004 Mustang Rear Lower Control Arms Street Performance

Here is a link to the ones for my car, but only 3 reviews:
J&M Mustang Rear Lower Control Arms (79-98) 23857 - Free Shipping!

The 99-04 arms have 20 positive reviews: J&M Mustang Rear Lower Control Arms (99-04) 23859 - Free Shipping!

Obviously they are the same design and the reviews should be the same for both parts, and I would get the ones for my year. Just to clarify.

I was originally planning on getting Maximum Motorsports lower control arms. I wanted the urethane on one side and the spherical on the other, just to decrease rear end noise getting through to the cabin. However, it says that if you launch your car ever then get the spherical on both sides since the urethane bushings tear. Those arms with spherical ends on both sides are pretty expensive for me, so I started looking around. I almost feel J&M's design is better, but I would love to get some input. :beer:

edit: I put this thread in here since people actually know about suspension in this section. Thanks.


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Feb 3, 2011
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I seem to remember a thread on CC a while back that was aimed at these control arms. Try doing a search over there and see what you come up with. I believe the discussion centerd around J&M's three piece bushing design.

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