Lethal Street Fighter 525 Clutch Kit comments


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Dec 13, 2012
Southern Nevada
Just in case someone plans on installing this Clutch Kit you might want to check the pivot stud height. I noticed that the disc appeared to be thiner than the stock disc. I did not measure the difference but perhaps I should have. The clutch grabs at a higher pedal point than stock and maybe adjustable pivot stud could have been used to make up for the difference.. So far I just have a few miles on it and I am just getting used to the different pedal release point.

It works fine, but I will post more after it gets broken in. There is noticeable chatter when I take off from an incline, but that may be normal while breaking it in.

So just information only. If someone installs this measure the disc thickness vs stock and let me know what you find.

FYI, I bought the kit from Lethal, but it shipped directly to me from McLeod.

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