MT 305/35/18 Drag Radials- Now Available


Authorized Vendor
Authorized Vendor
Jul 4, 2002
Just wanted to give a heads up that we have a few sets of the MT 305/35/18 ET Street Radials available with same day shipping. These tires have been on backorder for quite sometime with several of their release dates pushed back time after time.

If you're looking for a set of these you can place the order online and they'll ship right away.

Let us know if you have any questions. Thanks, Jared


Optimized For Modern Sports Cars & Sport Compacts

Mickey Thompson's legendary race tire technology comes to the street with all-new ET Street Radial. Built using the latest in high tech radial construction techniques and years of drag racing experience and compound development, this D.O.T. approved street legal drag radial will get your car down the track in record time and drive you home with sure handling and an excellent ride.

* Soft Compound For Superior Traction On The Drag Strip
* Radial Construction for Excellent Ride Control on the Street
* Low Void, Directional Tread for Maximum Dry Traction
* Tubeless

Acceptable practice for rim width is tread width plus or minus 1''. CAUTION: It is not recommended that radial and non-radial tires be mixed on the same vehicle.

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