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Happy Place
SVTP kicks off the week with a Happy Hour cruise—on the water
By Steve Turner

Mondays aren’t usually something we look forward to, but when it’s the Monday of Mustang Week, that’s a different story. It’s a day of anticipation and preparation. From getting into town to getting your pony prepped for the cruise-in, it’s the way we’d like to start every week.

During the day we were busy with our preparations and your author had to snap some photos of his chariot for the week—a 2016 Mustang California Special convertible. Yeah, a bright-red droptop is the perfect ride for taking in everything this week has to offer.

One of those offerings was SVTPerformance’s annual Welcome to Mustang Week Happy Hour. This year we moved the event from a restaurant onto the intercostal waterway for a BYOB sunset cruise. The trip on the Little River Fishing Fleet’s Pride of the Carolinas allowed SVTP members the chance to relax and do a little bench racing before all the official events started and we get busy with the rest of our fun-filled SVTP events.

The overwhelming response from the Happy Hour cruise was amazingly positive. We had a great time and for everyone in attendance it seemed the relaxing, the easy feel of the sunset cruise provided a welcome break from all the automotive activities of the week.

As you can see in our photos (see the Front Page for a full gallery), a great time was had by all. Now we’re all primed and ready to check out the cars at Mustang Week’s official kick-off event—the Meet ’n Greet at its new location at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center. There is also a BFGoodrich driving experience out at Myrtle Beach Speedway, so maybe we’ll see you out there.


We drove around town before the Happy Hour cruise and the sounds of Mustang exhaust already filled the air in Myrtle Beach. Groups of Mustang friends were congregating all over town to enjoy what this vacation destination has to offer.


Your scribe took this week’s transport—a 2016 Mustang California Special—around town for photographic reasons, but couldn’t help doing a bit of tourism. A new Hard Rock Café is under construction so this iconic pyramid probably won’t be here for Mustang Week 2017.


Once the evening rolled around, it was time to set sail on SVTP’s Welcome to Mustang Week Happy Hour cruise. While many people enjoyed a respite from the car-centric activities, that doesn’t mean there weren’t a lot of cool cars driven to the event. This orange four-eye Fox looks awesome with the Terminator-style wheels.


Once onboard the Pride of the Carolinas, there was plenty of great conversation and camaraderie as a sold-out crowd enjoyed refreshments while the boat cruised down the intercoastal waterway.


Hanging with friends on a boat as the sun sets was definitely an epic way to kick off Mustang Week.


Nothing will cure a case of the Mondays like a trip to Mustang Week and a view like this.


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This was such a great activity to hang out and get away from the typical Mustang Week experience. Great job :beer:

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