NEW@LETHAL PERFORMANCE: S197 Level 1 Fuel Upgrade Kit


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Authorized Vendor
Jul 4, 2002


Lethal Performance 07-09 GT500 Level I Fuel Upgrade Kit

Level I Fuel Upgrade Kit Includes:
-Fore Precision Works S197 Billet Fuel Hat
-Hat to Stock Fuel Line Adapter
-Ford GT Supercar Fuel Pumps (2)
-Fuel Level Sending Unit
-Detailed Installation Instructions

Introducing the Lethal Performance Level I Fuel Upgrade kit for your S197 Mustang. The Level I upgrade kit is the first step in eliminating the restrictions of your stock fuel pump assembly. The GT500 fuel assembly uses 2 pumps ran by individual fuel pump driver modules. This is definitely one of the most efficient ways of setting up a returnless style fuel system and is very similar to the fuel system used on the Ford GT40 Supercar.

Although the stock system is efficient and performs well we've found several things which can be improved upon. For one, the stock assembly runs both fuel pumps into a Y and out the single outlet of the stock assembly. We also know that the stock GT500 assembly uses 2 check valves. Although the check valves play a role in assisting from a cold start for they keep fuel pressure in the lines while the car is off but we we do see them to be a restriction for higher HP cars. Most of the time the side effect of these check valves is a hesitation between shifts in the upper RPM range. Just like the disruption of flow on your intake system lowers it's efficiency the check valve acts in a similar fashion in delivering fuel. One of the check valves is located inline with one of the fuel pumps just before the in-tank Y-block and the other is found on the actual fuel bar which is the white bar that sits on the pumps. The second check valve is built into the bar itself and requires a certain level of fuel pressure for it to open. Even when the level of pressure is applied it's still quite restrictive as the size of the feed is much smaller than the feed that flows fuel from the other pump.

This is where the Level I fuel kit upgrade plays it's role. The level I fuel kit uses the Fore Precision S197 Billet Fuel hat and a special billet adapter plate which allows you to still use the factory fuel lines. The main purpose of the Level I kit is the remove the in-tank restriction of the stock tank but not requiring you to upgrade anything external. This means that all stock lines and rails can be kept in place and used with no modification. By upgrading to the FPW S197 hat the flow of fuel is increased as the in-tank check valves no longer play a role.

The Fore Precision Fuel Hat is a direct replacement for your stock fuel assembly. Still utilizing the stock level sender placement. It reads fuel levels just like the stock fuel system did before. No cutting, drilling or modifying is necessary to fit the FPW hat into the tank. The Fore Precision hat fits right in and is securely fastened in the same fashion that the stock assembly does using the same stock gasket and safety ring.

The Level 1 Fuel Upgrade also utilizes a pair of the high performance Ford GT Supercar pumps. They simply slide into place on the Fore assembly and provide the fuel needed to support some hefty power levels and not needing the assistance of an external voltage booster to do so. The best part about this system is that it can be easily upgraded to the next level. So if you've got a ported blower, running a lower and upper pulley or plan on upgrading to an aftermarket blower you can purchase the components needed to upgrade the system. There's several ways to upgrade so you as the customer have the choice to do what you feel is needed for your specific goals. Whether it be adding another pump or stepping up to aftermarket lines, filter or rails upgrading the system couldn't be easier.

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