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NW Indiana checking in.

Discussion in 'Marauder' started by DaddyusMaximus, Aug 10, 2016.

  1. DaddyusMaximus

    DaddyusMaximus New Member Established Member

    Aug 10, 2016
    High all. Kinda always been a Ford guy. Just found this site when I was looking for wheels for my car. Looks like an interesting place to share and learn. Of course I love to show off my ride, even though she's a 13 year old 123K mile daily driver. I'm kind of old myself.
    My current ride is one I've been wanting since they came out in '03, a Mercury Marauder. My only non-stock mods so far have been a stereo system, little "Marauder" badges, and extra dog hair.

    white male.

    So, that probably puts me on plenty of government watch lists, buy I promise, I'm an OK guy. I publicly despise obama, that probably doesn't help.

    I'm U.S. Army retired/disabled. Proud of that. I did 28 years, and 3 combat tours. I got blowed up on my last trip to Iraq, so I walk with a cane now and don't do much of my own wrenching anymore other than easy stuff. Don't do much these days except be the Commander of my VFW.

    I'm married 20+ years. We got one of each, the oldest in college, the youngest goes next year. Love my oldies from the 70s, wife's a country girl. Love dogs too. (better than most people) Good thing too, we have 3, one of them being my 90 lb GSD service animal. She is my constant shadow, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

    Look forward to sharing, and learning... and wasting time on the internet.

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