Panel gaps/fitment on the S550 and other body issues


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May 13, 2008
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I love my car, but it is driving me CRAZY. A couple of issues I have noted after several years of ownership:

1. I know that the S550 has a bad reputation for having poor panel fitment and gaps that drive us crazy (check out youtube and do a google search; there have been many threads/videos since 2015 about the panel gaps on our cars). My car is not immune to this issue, and has several of the common fitment problems (hood, rear bumper, etc.).

2. Does anyone have any advice for drying the car after washing it? It seems that there are so many hidden crevices that no matter what I do, water is hiding everywhere and after I drive it once I have water spots all over the car. It doesn't help that the car is black and I live in the dusty desert, but the S550 is by far the WORST Mustang I have owned when it comes to water getting into places and only coming out when driven. FYI I have owned a new edge and S197 as well and the problems weren't nearly as bad.

Anyone else experiencing these issues with their S550. Also, I was thinking of getting the car wrapped...anyone know what a ballpark price for that would be?

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