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Port matching ? And inspection of my TB and plenum purchase.

Discussion in 'Engine/Tuning' started by KevinsVertTerminator, Sep 14, 2019.

  1. KevinsVertTerminator

    KevinsVertTerminator Active Member Established Member

    May 28, 2018
    I purchased this TB and Plenum with a home port from a member. He seemed solid and competent but I am not and would like some feedback.
    I am mating this with a Steggy Stage 4 (i think) ported blower.

    How does it look? I can see where he maybe went through the plenum and welded it. Is that ok?

    I see on the TB where it was significantly welded on the bottom and see spots where he grinded through. Is that ok?
    The TB and Plenum seem to mate up nicely. The TB is still a bit smaller than the blower. Can i grind more to mate them better?

    I appreciate the feedback and i am confident that all is fine. I just don't want to get it on the car when there is some red flag that i didn't have the skill to see. 20190914_143222.jpeg 20190914_143213.jpeg 20190914_143204.jpeg 20190914_143152.jpeg 20190914_143133.jpeg 20190914_143121.jpeg 20190914_143116.jpeg 20190914_143106.jpeg 20190914_143103.jpeg 20190914_142929.jpeg 20190914_142926.jpeg 20190914_142923.jpeg 20190914_142918.jpeg 20190914_142910.jpeg 20190914_142834.jpeg

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