Rattling noise - engine specific - pulley? Or something else?


"Hammer" Time
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Jan 30, 2017
2010 Roush 'Hammer' Supercharged 4.6L 3V - driving along, engine is making a rattling noise. I hear it mostly when driving next to a wall or something that reflects the sound back to me. It is a light noise, sounds kinda like it might be a idler puller or something like that. I am tearing off the front belts and assemblies now (see pic below) to inspect all rotating pulleys by hand and feel for any roughness.

The spider pulley (green arrows) that drives the S/C is a real bitch to get off. So before I go any further, I thought I'd ask you guys to see if my diagnosis sounds reasonable.

I guess my greatest fear is that it could be timing chain related. Do you think this is possible?

Another possibility is supercharger bearings. What kind of noise would they make? I rotated the S/C by hand and it feels good, but...........

Thanks for any tips or tricks.


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