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Suspension rebuild the hard way

Discussion in 'SVT Shelby GT500' started by ///Bruce, Nov 25, 2013.

  1. ///Bruce

    ///Bruce ///Bruce Established Member

    Dec 10, 2011
    Blew out one top seal on the left front KW Variant 3 and bent the friggin rod on the other one. Thank you Mayor Parker for not stopping the immigration of sink holes to Texas from central Florida. I say dig a big hole all the way across the Florida state line so no more come here.

    Should get them back from Sanger CA tomorrow via FedEx.

    The front end just felt like crap after falling into something. It was something bottoming out. Hard. Kinda like going over a speed bump and hitting hard. But this was a strut rod bottoming out and getting bent. Expensive fix.

    BUT...I've been busy... Idle minds. Right?

    I have a very limited budget so I worked with cost savings in mind. Both front lower OEM control arms (thanks to Anthony Hoekstra, Parts Manager at Tommy Vaughn Ford Performance).

    Then re-install the V3's and getting out my kid's old Bullitt struts. Adjustable end links next. Then new poly-something bushings for both front and rear sway bars. Already have adjustable panrod and upgraded LCA's. For the top of the struts a set of Maximum Motor Sport C/C plates. Finally a dbl adj UCA for the rear.

    Flush the brakes. Check the system for a possible damaged ABS sensor or ABS module. I've had two fault lights over the last year but brakes seem to work fine. Just to be safe. I have new Conti DW's all around. Stillen cross-drilled rotors. EBC Red Stuff.

    Looking forward to the Red Rod after I get up from back surgery December 3rd in Austin.

    If I could spend a few more thousand dollars: Full StopTech BBK all around, steel brake lines, Aluminum driveshaft from DDS -> their new one! A T2R Boss 302 differential. Finally a Watts Link.

    With 640HP, this should be enough. Some stickier rubber would really be fun.

    I'd post pics if I could (Mods, you listening?) of the final product in two weeks when she's done.

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