tips for and installing Window Louvers


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Feb 3, 2014
I have read on alot of mustang forums guys having problems with their louvers coming off after awhile. So I will give tips that I did to help keep mine on. This is basically a DIY install also.

Parts needed
3 0.66ml tubes of 3M Primer 94
1 Foot of 3M 5952 VHB tape, 9.5-10 Feet if you redo all the tape on the louvers
91% Isopropyl Alcohol
Qtips and razor

First of you will need at least 3 tubes of 3M Primer 94 pens they usually sell in 3 packs on ebay or you can buy the 8oz can and just buy some kind of plastic spreader for it. I only added to the tape that already came on my window louvers but I used the 3M 5952 VHB tape. The 5952 was recommended to me from 3M and I was already planning on buying it anyways. These other 3M VHB tapes will work just as good 5925/5962. The most important part is the prep work and do not put the louvers on under 65F. I think the ideal temp to install them is around 70-85F. On the middle back end of the louver the side closest to the trunk only has one piece of tape on it i removed the tape with a razor. Then I cleaned it with a qtip using 91% isopropyl alcohol and waited 2 mins for it to dry then added the 3m primer 94 on the spots where I would be adding tape let that dry for 3-4 mins then added two pieces of 3M 5952 side by side. Then did the same to all the corners with the 3m tape. As you see in the pics the second pic with the white eraser spots is where i added additional tape.

I washed my car 1 day before i installed the window louvers, but I still prepped the windows. First thing I did was put the louver up against the window and noticed it was for the other side of the car. Once I got the louver for the correct side I put it up against the window to get an idea how im going to place it once the tape is peeled off. Second thing is to clean about 2" wide all the areas where the tape would be with a qtip and 91% isopropyl alcohol. In the picture the areas in white are the areas you clean and use the primer 94 on. I let the alcohol dry for a min then you will see streaks on your window from the alcohol. I used a clean microfiber towel and just wiped off the streaks. Now go ahead and use your razor to peel off all the red backing on your 3m tape so that the actually tape is exposed.Next I used the 3m primer 94 small pen/tube and went around the same areas as before that i did with the isopropyl alcohol let it dry for 3-4 mins and then add the louver onto the window. Start at the upper left corner and work your way to the right and down with the louver. Carefully press each area down to give it a good seal on the window i did about 2-3 passes with my thumb on all the areas of the louver. Do the same exact thing for the next side. Now very important DO NOT DRIVE YOUR CAR FOR AT LEAST 1.5 DAYS. I think I left my car in the garage for about 1 day and 11 hours before I drove it. You need a bare minimum of 24 hours the longer you let the car sit the better. On 3m website it says it takes 3 days for the tape to fully cure and create its permanent bond. At 2 days its 90% cured or something like that. It was over 70F for the next couple days after I installed my louvers so if its colder where you are at for the first day or two after the louvers are installed I would put the heater on medium fan speed and max hot and point your vents up and toward the window and leave it on for 15-20 mins. This will heat your windows up some and also the interior of your car and allow the tape to cure slightly faster and better since its at a more optimum temp.


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