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Valvebody install on 4R100

Discussion in 'How-To' started by Dusten, Jan 26, 2012.

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  1. Dusten

    Dusten Well-Known Member Established Member

    Jan 20, 2006
    Marysville, Wa
    3/8" Ratchet
    1/4" Ratchet
    8,10,13 mm sockets
    in/lb and ft/lb torque wrench
    Large drain pan

    New filter(if installing a 4x4 pan ensure you have a 4x4 filter)
    Stock Motorcraft filter is parts #FT113
    4x4 filter is Motorcraft part #FT114
    5-7 quarts of fluid(depending on pan)

    The first step is going to be to lift the vehicle and support it on jack stands, or on a lift.


    At this point get the ratchet and 10mm sockets out and remove the transmission pan bolts except for the 4 corners. A stock lightning pan has no drain plug, so this part is tricky. Loosen the rear two most of the way and loosen the front two a small amount. This will allow the rear of the pan to drop slowly and drain the fluid. Once you are satisfied with the amount that has drained hold the pan in place and remove the rest of the bolts, and remove the pan. The gasket is reusable.

    Next remove the filter, using caution as some fluid is likely to spill from it, discard the filter.
    The filter should have an orange o-ring around the neck, if it doesn't come out you may need to pry it out.

    The next step is to remove the valve body. Use the one you bought to compare, but for reference it is the front most part of the transmission inside the pan. Here is a picture for reference

    It has 11 8mm bolts and 2 10mm nuts. As you remove them you will notice fluid seeping out, use caution when removing it as about .5 quarts of fluid sits above it.

    Install the new valvebody over the studs and finger tighten the 2 10mm nuts. Re-install and finger tighten the remaining 8mm bolts. Starting inward and working outward tighten all nuts and bolts to 80-100 in/lbs(6-8 ft/lbs)

    Install the new filter by pressing it into place.

    Use this time to clean the pan before re-installing it and the old gasket. If using a new pan you can still use the old gasket. A 4x4 is often used as it holds more fluid but also hangs lower and you run the risk of dragging the drain plugs on the ground and ripping it out.

    Finger tighten all the bolts and then follow up by torquing them to 11-12 ft/lbs

    Put the truck back on the ground.

    At this point it is time to fill the pan with fluid through the dipstick. If you re-used the stock pan put in 4 quarts and then start the truck. Run it through all the gears including 1 and 2, put it back in park and check the fluid, fill as needed. If installing a larger pan start with 5 quarts instead of 4. Once full take for a drive using all gears. Return home and check for leaks.
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