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Thank you to those that have already joined us on the all new vmpperformance.com

You've found a huge variety of new items as well as your VMP favorites in a completely new store with an awesome shopping experience.

For those of you have not yet visited the new store...whether you're a customer or one of our valued dealers...please read the following:

Please follow these directions to log in to the new vmpperformance.com

1. Click on this handy link to our new WEB SITE http://vmpperformance.com
2. Log in for the first time. Your username is your email address if you already have an account. DO NOT use your old username. For
dealers- Please use only ONE log in email for your business. If you've never created an account, you can do so now.
3. Use the "forgot my password'' to create a new password. We have no record of passwords but you can always reset it.
4. Enjoy a great new VMP Performance store. Look around, have fun!

You'll love the look, the feel and the ease of getting around the store.

Welcome, and thank you.

Team VMP Performance
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On The Road Again-

To get us up to speed, VMP Performance was in force at Wanna-Go-Fast in Ocala, FL with our GT350, '15 GEN II TVS Mustang and EgoBoost all at WOT. Check out our video of the action!

We've already kicked off the race season at NMRA Spring Break in Bradenton, FL. Our VMP Performance RoushCharged F150 posted a blistering 12.03@113 with the build and results covered here on svtperformance.com

And here's a quick look at our in-house grudge match at Bradenton between our GT350 and blown F150.

Our 2015 Mustang GT made the Quick 16 on stock suspension and our VMP GEN II Stage 3 kit We knew it was quick because we'd already gone 9's in it!

Finally, our 2015 Mustang EgoBoost Project clipped off an [email protected] with our VMP/FFtec big turbo kit.

What's Next?

Look for Team VMP at the track, shows and more with our VMP Performance Mobile DynoJet dyno, presented by HP Tuners.

Congratulations to VMP Performance President and First Lady on the birth of their newest member of the pit crew, Orion Wilde Starkey.
Rebecca Starkey Racing will be back on the track in NMRA Coyote Modified beginning in Georgia.

April 7-10 Commerce, GA NMRA/NMCA All-Star Nationals We'll be there in full force, racing and wrenching. For a full list of our event specials, you can check our Facebook page.

April 28-May1 Reading, PA Maple Grove Raceway NMRA Ford Motorsports Nats

May 5-8 Jefferson City, MO Shelbyfest 10th Anniversary

May 28-29 Sebring, FL Track Guys Race School and Track Event

June 3-5 Carlisle, PA Carlisle Ford Nationals Car Show

June 9-12 Hebron, OH NMRA Super Nationals

July 28-31 Joliet, IL NMRA/NMCA Superbowl of Street Legal Drag Racing

VMP Performance Garage

It's that time of year again. The time when everyone north of the Mason-Dixon line raises the garage door and fires up their monster for the first time in months. Time to hit the streets, the cruise-ins and the tracks. But most importantly, it's time to check the following critical items for your safety and the performance of your car:

1. Look around. Critters look for places to hide and/or stay warm in winter. Check everything visible, then check your intakes/inlets and exhaust openings. Check the wheel wells. Things nest there, too.

2. Overfill your tires by 5 psi over the label value for the first 100 miles or so, particularly if they've been sitting on the ground.

3. Pass that gas. Get rid of whatever fuel remains in your tank from last fall, particularly if it has any Sta-Bil in it. DO NOT go wide open throttle on old gas.

4. Change your oil. Yes, even if you just did it 1,000 miles and a few months ago. It's probably been subjected to temperature extremes.

5. For supercharged cars, pay particular attention to your fluid reservoir after the car has been running a while. We've seen instances of cars being filled with nothing but water and the manifold/intercooler freezing over the winter. If your fluid drops or you see unusually high downstream temps, be suspect of a cracked manifold/intercooler. After the car has risen to operating temps, get out, pop the hood and look everything over again. Look under the car as well for any leaks.

6. Learn to drive (again). It's been a while since you've driven anything but the Family Truckster, so as you settle into your fire breathing muscle car, make sure and tighten the 'nut behind the wheel'. That means take it easy, drive cautiously and refresh yourself with the hand/eye/muscle memory that all goes into performance driving.

Speaking of the Garage....

You know how it goes. You're ready to spend your weekend modding your car. All the parts are there, your buddies have surrounded you in their lawn chairs and suddenly you have a question for us. While we're not "open" on the weekends (or we're traveling), we do get emails 24/7. Be specific about what you need and include things like your car details, an order number if you have one and of course contact info. The best way to reach us is on the Customer Support Tab on our website. Here's a handy link for you to bookmark.

At the bottom of our home page you'll find the VMP Garage where you'll find written guides and tips for installation of many of our items.


Congratulations to William Chae of Atlanta. William is a small business owner and both a muscle car and motorcycle enthusiast. He had a VMP GEN II TVS kit installed on his first ever American car, his 2013 Mustang GT, last fall. It's his daily driver and a true sleeper at 617rwhp! To keep things cool, William employs the VMP Triple Pass/Dual Fan heat exchanger.

As our VMP VIP, William scores a $100 gift certificate to our website.

You can be our next VIP! Just email a couple of pictures of your car (stuff showing VMP on it helps...a lot) and a brief bio to BJ McCarty

That's it for this edition of the VMP Tuning Times. We'll see you soon during our travels and look forward to seeing you on the website!

About VMP Performance-
VMP Performance is a BBB A+ rated performance automotive company based in Central Florida and has served enthusiasts worldwide since 2005. (321) 206-9369. vmpperformance.com

EcoBoost®, Mustang®, Shelby 350® are registered trademarks of the Ford Motor Company and are used solely as reference with no inferred ownership nor link to the marks intended by VMP Performance.

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