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VMP Triple pass heat exchanger install on a 2010 GT500

Discussion in 'How-To' started by greb87, Jul 11, 2016.

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  1. greb87

    greb87 Member Established Member

    Jan 21, 2016
    Ontario, Canada
    After doing plenty of research I found a lot of resources and How-To threads on installing the VMP Triple Pass but I thought I would post my install as supplemental Information to VMP's instructions (found on their website) for anyone else looking to tackle the job. I would say I am fairly mechanically inclined and enjoy working on cars but this is a pretty straight forward job that anyone who has turned a wrench can tackle.

    Opening the box (and adding my own little touch):




    First step is to raise the front of the car up (after disconnecting the battery of course). I found that 6-7 inches is more than enough room to take out the splitter shield screws. Take the top rad cover off and remove the bumper and splitter together as one piece as per VMP's instructions.


    Drain the coolant out of the system and disconnect hoses from the stock HE


    Unbolt stock HE and remove from car. Remove the intercooler pump from the stock HE as well.


    Out with the old, in with the new!


    The next step is only for us 2010 guys. Unbolt the power steering cooling unit shown.


    Since the VMP Triple Pass is so big, the PS cooler needs to be slightly modified to provide adequate clearance for the cooling fans on the HE. What i did was bend the mounting tab (shown below) up 180 degrees which in turn will lower the PS cooler 2-3 inches in total. This will just clear the cooling fans when everything is bolted back together. Do NOT re-fasten the PS cooler until the new HE is installed, you will need all the wiggle room you can get! You may have to trim a bit of plastic shielding to make everything fit nicely with the PS cooler.


    Next is to install the new HE. Install required bolts and bushings/washers as indicated in VMP's instructions.


    Be sure not to thread the lower bolts no more than 1/4 inch protruding from the bumper assembly to allow for clearance when installing


    I was able to install the HE on my own (carefully) but it would definitely be beneficial to have an extra set of hands.


    Next I installed the intercooler pump with the provided relocation bracket and routed/connected all plumbing and hose connections. After that I mounted the relays for the cooling fans and routed all the wiring and made the necessary connections. VMP's instructions do an excellent job of walking you through these steps.

    Once everything is connected its time to fill/prime the intercooler coolant system back up. Fill coolant into the reservoir until it is full.


    Start up the car and the Intercooler pump should start right away. Check in the reservoir for coolant flow, their should be noticeable cavitation in there. If not, chances are you have an air pocket in the hose section just before the IC pump inlet shown below.


    With the car RUNNING, quickly disconnect and reconnect the hose into the IC pump inlet to prime the pump. Coolant will splash everywhere but its okay, you can clean it later. Check in the reservoir for flow. If still nothing, repeat this process until you do see flow. It took me a couple tries. If you have an Aeroforce Interceptor gauge, keep an eye on IAT2 temps for a couple minutes. If the temperature spikes you will need to prime the pump again to get the rest of the air out.


    Once flow is established, check all hose crimps and connections for leaks, wipe everything down, put the IC reservoir cap on and re-install bumper cover and rad cover. Done!



    All set to get my hands on a VMP GenII TVS in the near future!
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