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What are the canadians running for mods

Discussion in 'Canada' started by 04torchred, Feb 14, 2006.

  1. zacmustang03

    zacmustang03 Member Established Member

    Dec 1, 2011
    Vernon, British Columbia
    Ive got an 03 gt with a cobra swap . Parts are
    *posi ported blower
    *2lb lower
    *jlt high boost cai
    *60lb injectors
    *custom cobra hat duel walboro 255s
    *duel fpdms
    *o/r x pipe with 2.5" mac exhaust
    *lfp throttle body and plenum
    *lfp duel pass heat exchanger
    * 3 core rad
    *15x10 dark stars 325/50/15
    *15x4.75 darkstars 160/40/15
    *frpp 4:10s
    *28spline moser axles with long studs
    * weight reduction ( 3350 with me in it. )
    T56 from 2000 cobra r 2.97 1st gear
    * spec stage 5 clutch
    *liberty 26 spline input shaft

    Car made 485rwhp on the 18th pull without the sb throttle body on and the stock plenum and tb on. The iat were over 110 and the car was still running rich up top. My car is a pita to tune cause I built it with the gt wiring harness and computer so it was not as simple as tuning a reg cobra... when I take it back with the new parts im expecting over 500rwhp.
  2. Need 04 Wine

    Need 04 Wine Well-Known Member Established Member Established Member

    Apr 1, 2012
    hello all

    Have a 03 gt stock guts
    2.1l kb LQ on top
    kenne BAP
    tuned by "the mustang shop" back in the day
    has a bigger "CAI" factory elbow though.
    cheapo weld in muffs
    390rwhp/400rwtq.....ish haven't seen the sheets just called the tuner and he pulled info for me quick.
    hopefully goin to run 1/8 mi on July 18th in Stettler,Ab Open to cars if you want to come

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