FOR SALE: Wild Rides subframe connectors

Cobra Jet

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Sep 7, 2011
Southern NJ
I have this posted in other Mustang forums, it’s mine, yes date is old on written paper in photo but it’s my part from my garage. I’ve got plenty of references from other Mustang sites ( charter member, etc) and an eBay ID w/over 1k positive feedbacks since 1998 if needed for cross reference.

I’ve owned many Mustangs, and have had these in storage - they have never been installed.

Wild Rides Subframe Connectors w/ under floor seat cross brace.

These need to be welded onto the Mustang subframe.

They are excellent quality and similar in design to Maximum Motorsports subframes. Both ends of the Subframes are sealed, so no water or debris can get into them.

Designed for all 85-95 Ford Mustangs.

As shown in pics, these are still bare metal and there’s slight surface rust that can be easily wiped off with emery paper.

Asking $100.00 picked up in NJ (too heavy and awkward to ship).

The 2 pictures just show front to rear as I couldn’t get a good close up showing entire length in pic frame. The seat cross braces are under the tape.


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