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Race Forza Motorsport 6 online and you might win a 2017 Focus RS
By Steve Turner
Photos courtesy of Microsoft

Your parents probably told you that playing too many video games is a waste of time. Well, if you put that time into racing Forza Motorsport games, you might just be able to prove them wrong when you pull into the driveway in your 2017 Focus RS. That’s because you could win one in the Forza Racing Championship!

Forza Motorsport 6 players, get ready to start your engines, because competition in the inaugural season of the Forza Racing Championship kicks off next week. The largest esports competition in Forza Motorsport history begins on August 8...” says the company. “Players from across the world will be able to compete for amazing Forza and Xbox prizes throughout the month of August, and the best Forza players in the world will lay it all on the line for the ultimate prize—a real 2017 Ford Focus RS!”

The action started this week and you can learn more specifics here. Essentially the top 128 competitors from each week’s race are to be seeded for the weekly Forza Racing Championship Season 1 Elite Series Cup on Saturday. The top four winners from each Saturday race are qualified for the Season 1 Grand Finals Event on Sunday September 4.

This week competitors will drive a 2015 Ford Mustang GT on Autodromo Internationale Monza. Next week players will race a 2013 Ford Formula Ford EcoBoost 200 at Catalunya and the final week showdowns will see players race the Number 66 Le Mans 2016 Ford GT on the full Watkins Glen course.

Those that make it to the Grand Finals will be in the mix to win something really special, which gives you plenty of reason to get into virtual racing on the Xbox.

“The Forza Racing Championship Elite Series seeks to crown the best Forza player in the world, and will award him/her the ultimate prize: a brand new 2017 Ford Focus RS,” says the company.

That’s a better prize than you can win at a lot of real races, so it’s definitely worth a shot. For more on the rules and to see a list of all the prizes, click here.


Love racing games? Want a new Focus RS? You could win one by being crowned the best Forza player in the world in the Forza Racing Championship, which kicks off this week.

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