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WOT box programming and issues with no lift shifting

Discussion in 'Engine/Tuning' started by turbov6joe, Aug 22, 2015.

  1. turbov6joe

    turbov6joe Defensor Fortis Established Member

    Nov 4, 2009
    Paola, Kansas
    I called the owner and spoke with him directly about the issues I'm having with mine and he sent me revised directions to walk me through the programming steps. Long story short, I can't see to get the SOB to take a program I demand. Tonight I tried taking it to setting #0 which SHOULD take it off line and allow things to work as the factory intended. I took the car out for a spin to a local cruise night and figured out immediately that the WOT box was still killing power to the coils if I so much as touch the clutch pedal in any way shape or form. The only was for me to speed shift is to force my body to keep my left foot on the floor or completely to the left of pedal.....THIS SUCKS BECUASE I've ALWAYS HAD MY FOOT RESTING ON TOP READY TO BANG THE NEXT GEAR!!! That clutch switch is SO mother sensitive that even the slightest amount of pressure sends the signal to the box for it to do it's thing. I know that the WOT box is a great tool if your a person that likes to speed shift and bang every gear....it's smooth as silk then. BUT....I'm not, I like fast redline shifts with lifting slightly from the go pedal. Anyhow, I've found out that if you unplug the wire running into the box you lose power to your coils and your just gliding. My question is this: If I were to cut and remove the signal wire from the clutch unit, in my mind the WOT box would never see a signal from the clutch....as if it's not being depressed and should no longer pull coil power from me...fingers crossed. I'm researching this more tomorrow....I gotta get this thing out of my loop before I go postal. Any other ideas , please throw them my way! TIA

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