WTS: OEM 19x9.5 GT500 Wheels


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Jul 2, 2013
Dickson Tn
OEM 19x9.5 GT500 Wheels. Believe these were available on 2010 Coupes? Not positive. Can send pictures of Ford stamp on back of wheels.

They DO NEED to be repowdercoated. The guy who had'm before must have tried to "paint" them and it's chipping. They are black under the Vintage Gold dip. Not the original Gunmetal finish. This is a WHEELS ONLY sale so when the tires come off, unfortunately, the gold dip will too as a result of removing the tire.

These are OEM from Ford, around $300+ a wheel I believe ( correct me if i'm wrong ) and I believe they're forged so their light weight!

Asking $500 and buyer pays for the ride. Make an offer. Want these gone!

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