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Hello, I saw your post about the AMCO Saleen Shift Knob, I was wondering if, somehow, you still have it for sale? I know it is 2022, but it can't hurt to ask.
Question. I have an intake manifold I wanna sell. Id prefer to sell it locally but I could possibly ship it to depending on the buyer. Can I post it in the California section for locals and the regular marketplace cobra parts section for those that aren't local?
Just the main section. Those are kinda dead. Make sure you follow the rules.
I saw you posted in a thread, I know it was 2 years ago, about a subframe connector installer in Plymouth. I need the full length maximum motorsports ones. I'm only a half hour from Plymouth. Would you be willing to give me his contact info so I can call him? Thanks.
Hi - Can you point me to the market rules. Or let me know what Rule #7 is? Thanks!
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Good evening. I received an email that states you removed my post for my 2013 GT500 for sale. It said that there is a market rule violation number seven. I thought that I posted it in the section for sale or vehicles wanted. If I did something incorrectly, how do I find the market rules?
I didn’t remove your post it was an admin.

The market rules can be found in a sticky at the top of any market section.

Read through the rules and repost your ad.

Be sure to post a pic of your username/date and SVTP written on a sheet of paper with you car.

Good luck with your sale.
I hate to bother you again. I appreciate the information and I attempted to upload a photo of my screen name of the date and information that you stated I needed. According to my phone, the photo that I took is only 3.5 MB which is under the max limit but the website server says that the files too big. What do I do in a situation like this?
I would use an image hosting site like imgbb. It will allow you to upload multiple photos at once and simply copy and paste the BBC code into your thread. That’s what I use since the site can be wonky with pics.

No bother at all. Happy to help and if you have any other questions feel free to hit me up.
I’m entertaining selling my 03 sonic blue coupe. I’m in south central texas. 54k miles, clean blue title. Extremely clean. 2.8L kb with supporting mods.

Text me. My name is Domonik.

99 vert just did full tilt boogie kit brakes gears 4,10 axels complete brakes shocks and springs just ordered procharger ready to but a motor toghther got a block got heads but always looking o
Hey Jack, what do you do down in Beaufort? Lived there long?

I have a few customers and a supplier down on St. Helena