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  • Can you please delete the thread I started titled "My Wilwood brakes suck?" I had them inspected by several mechanics and no problems could be found. I think I simply found the limits of the brakes. Anyway… I don't want any vendors who sell Wilwood,especially my shop cuz they rock, to be hurt by my post. Thank you very much. Matt Greene
    just wondering if my thread in "terminator talk" titled "first cobra" is going to be approved? Thanks in advance, Chris
    I bought some parts off of someone that had them listed on here. When i bought them hey took them off the list. How can i find the "op" with the list of parts before anything was deleted from being sold? Thanks
    There is a scam going on for a whipple supercharger in the terminator buy/sell parts section. it is infamousimmegial? creating a new account and trying to steal guys money. thanks.
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