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  • Hello,

    I am going to look at the Black 01 Cobra you sold back in 2011 on here. There anything to be concerned with it? It is at a used dealer in Millville, NJ. There are a few things that I am wondering about. As we all know used car dealers can tend to be sneaky and try and sell you a POS. It is listed at $10K

    1. It had had 5 owners.

    2. It had 74K when you sold it and 5 years later it only has 87K. So only 13K in 5 years.

    3. The used dealer has had it listed since 10/2015.

    If you'd prefer to contact through email that would be fine.

    [email protected]

    EDIT: Here is your original post for reference.!!-SE-PA


    Yo man looking to take some parts off your hands: cobra gauge cluster with 60k, carbon cobra r hood, and the upr tubular k with a arms (possibily the coil over if we can make a deal). Shipped to 33647
    Hey man, if you're looking for a rzr 900 check out Abernathy in TN. They priced me a new 2015 for 12,750... Far cry from the 18k that guy is asking
    I have a 2003 Sonic Blue Cobra that I have had issues with. For some reason the clutch does not want to engage fully and everything went in fine on the new transmission and clutch at the shop. I tightened the cable as far as it would go and it helped some but there are still issues. I am just tired of dealing with it and seeing if you want to take it off my hands before I spend more money in labor.
    - Late 03 Coupe
    - 123,xxx Miles (less than 10k miles a year)
    - Was rear ended last spring and the entire car was repainted
    - Due to the wreck and a terrible shop the trans was replaced
    Overall I would rate the car as very good especially considering it has 123k miles after all except for this one problem I cant figure out
    As far as the exterior due to rear end collision last year the paint over all is good with some orange peel visible unfortunately
    Interested in a tensioner. Would like $30 get you to part ways with one.I have a 97 cobra. Im in tampa, 33647 for shipping. Im interested in a few things on the list of parts but i have limited funds at the moment.
    Hey I was reading a thread back I early December and you had said you were interested in an and trailblazer SS. Well I hve an awd 07 SS for sale. 39700 miles nav sunroof 3ss package basically fully loaded just no DVD players. Stock runs great excellent condition bone stock just tints which can be taken off if you want on driver and passenger windows. Asking 22000 negotiable though. I'm selling because I'll be pulling the trigger on a '13 gt500
    Hey, I was wondering if you still have the teksid short block? If you do I'm interested in it. Please let me know, I can come this weekend to get it. You can get back to me on here or at 848-448-5043. Thanks
    hey, was just reading through a thread in which you said you were selling a redfire cobra. I am in the market for an 03 right now and am located in NJ/PA. Is it still for sale? Would like some info. Call, text, or email is good. I cant communicate through this forum, only joined to send the message. Thanks.
    Rob (609) 827-2587 or [email protected]
    hey were you interested in the motor? i updated it with a link to the ebay sale for it. if you're interested i can take a video. thanks.
    I Would love to buy your mystic Cobra but can't afford to buy it and then have It transported down here to Houston, TX.
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