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  • I was wondering if you know what offset and width your wheels are. I would like to run the same size tire from toyo.

    Thanks, Dave
    So you use a quick detailer spray instead ? doesn't that mark the hell outta her ? Im using the 2 bucket method and lambs mitt (was told lambs mitts are the best, what you think on this) have quick detailer spray tho tbh ive never used it, thought it was always better washing it, the guy that detailed it said he had never seen paint so soft on a car and that even his micro fibres seem to mark the paint work (and hes a detailer) like what.....Love the car and im glad I bought American, to me a muscle car isn't a muscle car unless its American..
    Love the colour then again I would as mines black on black :) tell me do you have a lot of problems with swirls ? the paint seems so,so soft on the mustangs, and I use 2 bucket method and blow dry using master blaster (had to get the car detailed after just buying her brand new, she came from the u.s (to northern Ireland) and god knows wot them guys used to wash her with when sitting over there in the car dealers, tho she was covered in swirls...Love the car (gt500 Shelby btw) as I say I didn't just buy a car I bought a piece of American history :)
    hello.. i did a search on here about a 20x11" rear wheel. you said you had tf make you a set.. i as wondering what backspacing you had them put on it? your help would be greatly appreciated.

    i am also getting a custom set made. just wanted to make sure? do yours rub?? any issues??

    thanks for yur time.

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