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  • The quick detailer "if sprayed on a section of paint at a time, ex 1/4 panel" will grab the dirt prior to you wiping. This is the safest method to keep her looking great. The duster will grab dust, however, it smears the dirt on the paint prior to lifting it, hence the spider webs/mar marks. I only use a quality microfiber even when I wash it, nothing else. Check out Adams Polishing products website as you will find some really good info. Also, Autogeek website has good detailing practices. As for the soft paint, not sure what your detailer is talking about as the paint process used now a days is 8 years old. Meaning, all new cars are like this. Good luck
    I don't have problems with swirls as I use a quick detailer instead of the California duster... That duster use to scratch the shit out of the paint. Sometimes it gets dirty and I just wait to wash it instead of the quick detailer method.
    Just make sure to always use a quality micro fiber towel when touching the paint. And when I go to dry the car, I also use a spray wax as I'm wiping her dry. I know it's extra work, but well worth it IMO.... Good Luck with this American Beauty!
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